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World Organisation for Animal Health

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The French Veterinary Academy rewards the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) for its work in the field of animal health worldwide

The OIE has been awarded the French Veterinary Academy 's “Grand Prix Claude Bourgelat” for “the whole of its work on behalf of animal health and public health worldwide since its creation”.

At its formal session on 7 December 2006 , the French Veterinary Academy also rewarded the OIE for its work in the field of scientific publications.

The “Prix Camille Guérin” was awarded for the book Historical Perspective of Rabies in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin , edited by A.A. King A.R. Fooks, M. Aubert and A.I. Wandeler (2004), and the “Prix Emmanuel Leclainche” was awarded for Zoonoses Emerging zoonoses and pathogens of public health concern , coordinated by Lonnie J. King (OIE Scientific and Technical Review Volume 23 (2), August 2004).

“These three awards are a tribute to the work carried out by the OIE and the high quality of its publications and experts”, said Dr Jean Blancou, President of the French Veterinary Academy during the formal award ceremony.

Dr Jean-Luc Angot, Deputy Director General of the OIE, received the awards on behalf of the organisation.