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The OIE expertise in advancing animal welfare globally

An OIE working group of  animal welfare experts met for the first time in Paris on 2-4 April to discuss the new OIE responsibility for animal welfare. The group comprised invited veterinary and animal welfare science experts representing a broad range of countries and cultures. The group prepared a set of detailed recommendations which will be considered at the OIE's annual General Session of Member Countries in May.

'This meeting represents a significant milestone in the strategic plan of the OIE', said Dr B Vallat, the OIE Director-General. 'With the authority, experience and expertise of the 158 Member Countries, the OIE has the capacity to be the leader in advancing animal welfare globally.'

The group made specific recommendations regarding the possible scope of OIE activities, priorities, work areas, roles and functions, the use of international experts, and the importance of communications with all OIE stakeholders (including industry, NGOs and professional groups).