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World Organisation for Animal Health

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The OIE’s newly updated Fact Sheets are now available online

What actions are being taken by animal health professionals to fight antimicrobial resistance? How can the spread of animal diseases be prevented? Is there a link between animal diseases and the risk of bioterrorism?
The ten newly updated OIE Fact Sheets will provide the answers to these and many other questions.

Paris, 18 June 2015 – The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) conducts a wide range of missions to fulfil the mandate given to it by the 180 OIE Member Countries to improve animal health and welfare worldwide. These missions include disease surveillance worldwide, the development of animal disease prevention and control methods and improving the performance of national Veterinary Services.

Animal health protection implies being present on many fronts and maintaining a permanent dialogue with numerous actors: covering topics ranging from food safety to aquatic animal diseases and biological threat reduction, the Fact Sheets will give you an overview of the context and the challenges and the actions carried out by the OIE in its different areas of interest. We invite you to discover them on the OIE website, in the “For the media” section.

NEW in 2015: For users wishing to find out more, the Fact Sheets are now interactive

The OIE Fact Sheets accessible online contain links so that readers wishing to examine these topics in more depth can access a range of other resources.

Access the OIE Fact Sheets (all available in English, French and Spanish):

We wish you good reading!

*Currently being updated.