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The OIE's strong involvement in launching the Afriican Livestock platform (ALive)

The official launching of the ALive platform represents another step forward in the involvement of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) in promoting animal health both for the reduction of poverty and for the facilitation of regional and international trade of animals and animal products produced in developing countries.

The President of the OIE, Dr Abdoulaye Niang and the Director General of the OIE, Dr Bernard Vallat have respectively been appointed President of the General Assembly and President of the Board of the ALive platform. Twenty Regional and International Organisations, including four major donors for international development, i.e the World Bank, the European Uninon, the United States of America and France have already agreed to participate in the programme.

The ALive Programme, a multi-partner programme initiated by the World Bank, focused on livestock in African economy and public health, aims at mapping existing programmes to fill gaps between them, initiating other programmes focused on poverty reduction, economic growth, research, regional and international market access as well as sustaining institutions including official Veterinary Services.

The livestock sector is faced with greater financial and operational challenges than other agricultural sectors and requires the public support, advocacy, coordination, and vision which ALive will provide. The various strengths of the ALive stakeholders will result in a higher profile for livestock, better quality investment, and improved policies and increased financial support. Regional and International Organisations and donors should focus on creating a common strategic vision.

Developed countries have a strong interest in helping control animal diseases in developing countries because of the world wide threat of these still present diseases. The OIE will help Alive in defining the priority list of animal diseases, the control of which will be considered as an international Public Good by policy makers and donors, and will also encourage national and, especially, regional programmes to tackle transboundary animal diseases which currently do not affect developed countries. These programmes will comply with the OIE-FAO "Global Framework for Transboundary Animal Disease" Programme (GF-TADs)

The OIE strongly supports the initiative of ALive in encouraging dialogue between the donor community and African stakeholders in order to avoid the repetition of crises linked to mistakes in strategies, inappropriate policies and lack of public investments in animal disease control and official veterinary infrastructures, such as those recently experienced in Asia with Avian Influenza. The OIE underlines that investments in animal health should be considered as a priority for its role in reducing poverty in the developing world and eliminating pathogens and diseases which cloud rural economies of developing countries and at the same time threaten developed countries. The OIE is in favour of using the ALive model in other regions of the world having the same concerns.