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WHO/FAO/OIE announcement

Geneva, 7- 9 November 2005

The World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the World Bank will cosponsor a partners meeting on avian influenza and human pandemic influenza on 7-9 November 2005 at WHO headquarters, Geneva. The meeting will include members of the cosponsoring organizations, country representatives, donor partners, and regional organizations involved in the influenza issue and will enable an examination of integrated national plans to deal with the issue, focusing on affected countries and countries at risk. The overall objectives are:

1. To confirm the two-pronged strategy: to control avian influenza at source in animals for the short and medium term and simultaneously prepare for pandemic influenza;

2. To support national plans in line with the above strategy through commitment at national, regional and global levels;

3. To discuss shared responsibilities of the international community and technical organizations and agencies in assisting affected countries and countries at risk;

4. To assess national, regional and global needs with broad indications of resources required in the short and medium term, review current bilateral and multilateral initiatives to avoid duplication and identify potential synergies;

5. To discuss and outline coordination mechanisms necessary at national, sub-regional, regional and global levels to ensure effective and rapid mobilization of resources and oversee the impact and progress in implementation; 6. To identify key next steps based on an agreed strategy with the political support and backing from the international community.