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Rinderpest Vigilance Campaign tools


Rinderpest, Never turn back!

The Rinderpest Vigilance Serious Game Teaser

OIE urges countries to destroy rinderpest stocks

Eradicating rinderpest


Why not store rinderpest virus?


10 reasons for not storing rinderpest virus


Historical pictures

Declaration of world-freedom from rinderpest at the 79th OIE General Session (2011)




Rinderpest Eradication Graph

Rinderpest Eradication Timeline



Global Rinderpest Action Plan

OIE Bulletin 2011-4

OIE Bulletin 2011- 2

Press releases

  • 22/11/18 Eradication isn't the end of the Rinderpest story
  • 24/05/17 The OIE launches its rinderpest awareness campaign « Never turn back! »
  • 10/07/13 Moratorium on using live rinderpest virus lifted for approved research
  • 29/05/13 The World Organisation for Animal Health launches digital media campaign for sequestration and destruction of rinderpest virus stocks
  • 23/07/12 Call for countries to comply with moratorium on research using live rinderpest virus
  • 27/05/11 The world is free from rinderpest: OIE completed global free status recognition
  • 25/05/11 No more deaths from rinderpest
  • 16/06/10 The OIE enters the final stage before official confirmation of global rinderpest eradication



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