Technical Assistant on Communication and Education – OIE RR Europe, Moscow

Open position


Technical Assistant on Communication and Education, OIE Regional Representation for Europe
Contract & duration: OIE Staff – 12 months (renewable)
Salary package: between 2000/2500€ per month (depending on experience)
Positioning and reporting Under the authority of the OIE Director General and the overall supervision of the OIE Regional Representative in Moscow.
Job purpose The Technical Assistant on Communication and Education (in further text: TA) supports the daily work of the Regional Representation for Europe on activities related to communication and education, in close collaboration with the teams of the OIE Sub-regional Representations in Nur Sultan and Brussels and the Global Communication and Capacity Building Departments, based at the OIE Headquarters in Paris. She optimises awareness of the OIE and understanding of its mandate by ensuring communication around its regional activities, in line with the OIE global communication vision. TA also provides support for the implementation of OIE education activities on the guidelines for competencies and curriculum for veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals.
Missions and activities

Provide technical support to the Regional Representation for Europe:
·       Liaise with other OIE departments (e.g., Communication, WAHIAD, CBD, RAD, Engagement and Investment) to secure high level of harmonization of working plan, and implementation of specific regional activities;
·       Participate in internal trainings related to communication, education, data management or IT capacities, support transfer of knowledge to other officers, and implement it in specific activities;
·       Contribute to data analysis for priority animal diseases, in collaboration with the OIE technical departments (WAHIAID, IT);
·       Support the translation and interpretation (English, Russian) of relevant documents;
·       Share, collaborate and ensure the involvement of key stakeholders, roadmap planning and implementation of programmes;
·       Assist the Regional Representative in managing the day-to-day technical issues in the region, including following up with Members on required information, conducting country visits, etc.;
·       Contribute to the preparation of background documents and periodic progress reports;
·       Support the implementation of OIE training events (seminars, conferences, workshops).
Support implementation of communication strategies in Europe:
·       Support development and implement communication strategies to cover the regional communication needs; identifying target groups, messages, channels and timeframe for implementation;
·       Contribute to the regional communication budget development and ensure budget follow-up;
·       Use key performance indicators to monitor the communication activities, provide feedback on achievement of objectives and propose changes as relevant;
·       Propose and support the design, development and introduction of innovative communication tools and materials for digital distribution (data storytelling, interactive infographics, etc.);
·       Manage and participate in the development of written material on regional activities (stories, social media messages, articles, concept notes, factsheets, leaflets);
·       Keep the content of the regional website updated, including the development of specific pages to share materials in Russian;
·       Coordinate joint communication activities with partners and press relations at regional level;
·       Develop a regional network of media outlets, bloggers, influencers and journalists;
·       Develop terms of reference and technical specifications for communication consultants/agencies and coordinate their technical work.
Implement the OIE Veterinary and Veterinary Paraprofessionals Education agenda in Europe:
·       Organise capacity building activities for OIE Members on the OIE guidelines for competencies of veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals;
·       Coordinate harmonisation and implementation of Veterinary Education Core Curriculum for veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals, and OIE Recommendations on the Competencies of graduating veterinarians (‘Day 1 graduates’);
·       Contribute to development and presentation of training and facilitation materials for OIE events (seminars, workshops) in collaboration with HQ’s relevant Department and Units and experts and adapt the content and delivery of such materials to virtual online delivery if required by pandemic travel restrictions on face-to-face meetings;
She could participate in the data analysis, in close collaboration with other OIE technical departments.
In addition, the OIE Director General or the Regional Representative may, where necessary, assign to Administrative Assistant any other duties within her area of competence.
Qualifications and Experience Required qualifications Degree in veterinary, health, environment, or biological science; At least 5 years of professional experience in the science, the veterinary matters, public health;Training or experience in the field of communications; Master, specialisation, or PhD would be considered as advantage.   Requirements:   Technical skills: Strong computer skills in a Microsoft environment, including Word, Excel, OneDrive, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as a good knowledge of Adobe Acrobat;Strong project management and editorial skills;Experience in data analysis and/or modelling;Excellent command of English, both written and spoken;Excellent command of Russian, both written and spoken.   Additional competencies Experience in communication and public relations; Experience with web content management (standard CMS such as WordPress);Familiarity with multimedia production tools (design software, video editing, and other visual digital technology);Knowledge of the third OIE official language (Spanish or French) would be considered as advantage.   Behavioural skills: Excellent communication skills;Accuracy and attention to details;Willingness and ability to work in a multi-cultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;Proven effective organisational skills and ability to handle work in an efficient and timely manner, defining priorities and meeting deadlines;High sense of confidentiality;Capacity to work autonomously and to take ownership of tasks.  
Working conditions The post is a full time (40 hours per week) position based at the OIE Regional Representation in Moscow. It requires long hours in a seated position at a computer.
General Information The OIE places high value on a multicultural and positive work environment. The OIE is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications of all qualified candidates, irrespective of their ethnic origin, gender, opinions or beliefs.If you are interested in the position, please complete your application online by 1st November 2021 at the latest by clicking on the link below. APPLY HERE