OIE distance learning course

Early in 2005, the OIE in collaboration with the Michigan State University , launched its first distance learning course aimed at increasing overall knowledge and awareness of OIE activities in particular among members of the veterinary profession (including those in private practice and veterinary students). The course covered all issues relevant to the role of the veterinarian in protecting animal and public health in international trade. It was mainly addressed to members of the veterinary profession, veterinary students, as well as to scientists and stakeholders in international trade. 

The OIE particularly values a closer contact with those young professionals who will be the strength of the Veterinary Services and the veterinary profession of tomorrow and therefore very much welcomes the success of this first series of the course.

Applications are now being accepted for spring semester 2006, which will begin on the 9 January 2006 . 

One of the objectives of the course is also to familiarize participants with the history, development and operations of the OIE. Particular emphasis is given to its role as the organization responsible for setting international standards for terrestrial and aquatic animal health and zoonoses; for disseminating selected scientific information and up to date global animal health reports; the course also provides information on OIE’s mandates on animal welfare, food safety and capacity building in Member Countries.

The participation at the course is not free of charge. It includes electronic interactions with the teachers.

Specific information as to how to participate may be found at http://vu.msu.edu/preview/anr-ifl/2002/oie.html  or can be obtained by sending an e-mail to  [email protected] .