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Animal disease information

The OIE has updated the technical disease cards for 33 important animal diseases, including 32 OIE-listed diseases. These are currently available in English only, but French and Spanish translations are in hand.

These OIE Technical Disease Cards are now available online here: Technical disease cards.


The OIE also provides technical disease cards for some important aquatic animal diseases. These OIE Technical Disease Cards are available online at: Technical disease cards for aquatic animal diseases

The OIE expresses its gratitude to the scientists from its Reference Laboratories and other experts, as well as key donors such as USDA-APHIS, who have contributed to the new versions of the disease cards.

The OIE has also prepared disease information on selected animal diseases including zoonoses for the general public. These “questions and answers” sheets providing an overview on some major OIE listed diseases are available online here: Animal Disease Information Summaries