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General information

Publications produced by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) constitute a valuable source of documentation for the international scientific community and facilitate progress in veterinary medicine worldwide. They cover the full spectrum of animal health issues throughout the world and include periodicals, OIE international standards, world conference proceedings, and publications dealing with important topical issues.

OIE publications are divided into two categories:

1) Periodicals

  • Scientific and Technical Review (available on the Online Bookshop and on the Website);
  • Bulletin (as of 2018 available exclusively on line) (previous issues are available as PDF files);
  • Disease Information (available on the WAHID interface).

International standards

2) Non-periodicals

All titles published by or co-published with the OIE in English, French and/or in Spanish are accessible from the homepage of the OIE Website and are available for sale from the OIE Online Bookshop.



The OIE Documentation Centre contains a vast number of documents (more than 15,000), which have been categorised, indexed and analysed using a trilingual (French/English/Spanish) thesaurus developed specifically for the activities of the Organisation. This documentation resource contains the principal reports, proceedings and journal articles owned by the OIE, whether they be published by the OIE or by other institutions, as well as all OIE periodicals and non-periodical publications and the working documents of the Organisation and the organisations with which it works. This documentation resource is updated daily and the number of documents is constantly changing.

A user-friendly documentary database has been available for internet users since January 2011. It contains moe than 7,000 files that document the Organisation’s activities between 1921 and 2016 (OIE publications and joint publications).
It will integrate all the computer files from the digitalisation programme of the OIE archives and heritage resources.

Click here to go directly to the documentary database .


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