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Peer-reviewed papers for the plurithematic issue of the Review

The papers on this page are available online prior to being printed. They will be published in the plurithematic issue of the Scientific and Technical Review printed end of December each year. They have been peer-reviewed, edited, and corrected by the authors, but have not yet been formatted for printing. They are listed in the order in which they were accepted for publication. They are presented in their original language (for an English paper, summaries are translated into French and Spanish; for French and Spanish papers, they will be only translated in English for the printed version).

To see the contents of the article, please click on the link “Accepted article” associated to the title of the article.
Once the issue is printed, please click on the link “Plurithematic issue” associated to the title of the article to see the final PDF version which is available on the online bookshop.

 2020 [Vol. 39 (3)]

 2019 [Vol. 38 (3)]

 2018 [Vol. 37 (3)]

 2017 [Vol. 36 (3)]

 2016 [Vol. 35 (3)]

 2015 [Vol. 34 (3)]

 2014 [Vol. 33 (3)]

 2013 [Vol. 32 (3)]




Comparative study on peste des petits ruminants seroconversion level in sheep in Sudan
A.M. Hassan, K.H. Al Malik, A.M. Sheikh Deen, K.M. Al Faki, M.A. Abdel Aziz, H.Y. Mohammed Ahmed & T.K. Angra

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


Sero-epidemiology of peste des petits ruminants in Oromia and Afar regional states of Ethiopia
V.N. Rume, S.C. Bodjo, B. Gurja, J.D.D. Baziki, D. Adama, P. Ankeli, N.D. Nwankpa, D. Yebchaye & T.S. Tessema

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


Development of an evaluation framework and assessment tools to assess the foot and mouth disease (FMD) control policies and their implementation in the proposed FMD-free zone in Thailand
N. Ketusing, S. Premashthira, J. Hodgson, K. Hult & V. Ragan

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


Enquête sur la prévalence des avortements bovins et les pratiques de déclaration et de prise en charge par les vétérinaires praticiens en Algérie
N. Djellata, A. Yahimi, C. Hanzen & C. Saegerman

Accepted article in French (web version)
Translated article in English (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


10 years of Taylorella equigenitalis ring trial results comparing culture and polymerase chain reaction
I. Mawhinney

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


Assessment of in vitro growth characteristics of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae
Z. Maksimović, C. de la Fe & M. Rifatbegović

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


Molecular and serological studies of Egyptian strains of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus and their comparison with vaccine strains
D.A.M. Abd El-Moaty, S.E.A. Abo-Dalal, O.G.A. Salman, N. Abdel-Wanees & A.M. Abbas

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)


The French Epidemic Intelligence System: comparing disease surveillance at national and international level using data from the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases
A. Mercier, R. Lancelot, P. Hendrikx, L. MacKinnon, L. Madoff, Y. Lambert, D. Calavas & J. Cauchard

Accepted article (web version)

Plurithematic issue (printed version)

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