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Scientific and Technical Committee
Scientific and Technical Review

The committee oversees the review of articles in the Review. It can be extended to include OIE experts, including experts from OIE Reference Laboratories and heads of OIE Collaborating Centres.

The OIE asks high-level scientific and technical reviewers, who give of their time freely, to review one or more articles submitted for publication. The committee regularly welcomes new members based on the topics covered in articles received for review.




Special thanks are extended to the Members of the Scientific and Technical Committee who refereed papers in the Vol. 33 (3), 2014:

M. Anjum, M. Arias, S.L. Babiuk, D. Bakker, U.B.R. Balasuriya, K. Bankowska, L.O. Barcos, D. Bayvel, M. Beer, J.-J. Bénet, R. Bennett, J.M. Blasco, P. Bonnet, T. Britt, C. Cêtre-Sossah, B. Chomel, B.K. De, P. Delahaut, S. de La Rocque, M. Desquesnes, B. Diop, T. Drew, S.C. Dubey, M. Eisler, M. El Harrak, B. Evans, T.K. Gahlot, B. Garin-Bastuji, W.A. Gebreyes, R. Hartskeerl, M. Hartung, R. Holyoak, R. Jackson, M. Jacques, W. Karesh, D.P. King, L. Kreienbrock, K. Laroucau, Y. LeForban, S. Le Poder, C. Lewis, W. Linchongsubongkoch, C.M. Logue, B.A. Lubisi, J.-Y. Madec, U. Magnusson, K. Makita, E. Maradei, T. Mueller, J. Muma, A.M. Nicola, S. Olsen, E. Ostlund, C. Oura, J. Pasick, P.-P. Pastoret, M.-L. Penrith, C. Ponsart, C. Poppe, K.P. Poulsen, V.E. Ragan, S. Rhodes, J. Rola, J. Rushton, C. Sabeta, M. Salman, L. Samartino, G. Savini, S. Schwarz, P. Selleck, E. Silbergeld, J.A. Stack, L. Sutherland, J. Tettey, M. Thibier, A. Thiermann, P. Thompson, P. Timoney, C. Tosh, P.-L. Toutain, E. Tuppurainen, D. Wallace, A. Winter-Nelson, J. Wood & C. Zepeda.