Highly pathogenic avian influenza

22 to 25 November 2004

Dr Gardner Murray, Chief Veterinary Officer, Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, informed the OIE that the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) plans to conduct a simulated avian disease (SAD) outbreak scenario between 22 and 25 November 2004. Two Local Disease Control Centres (LDCCs) and one State Disease Control Headquarters are planned.

The disease to be simulated is Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), but for purposes of the exercise, the disease will be named Simulated Avian Disease (SAD). With respect to its epidemiology, SAD will resemble HPAI (H5N1). The exercise will simulate multiple outbreaks of SAD at two Victorian locations, although there will be no field activities outside of the three disease control centres. The Victorian Department of Human Services will be directly involved in the exercise, as during the simulation there will be a requirement to plan so as to minimise the potential zoonotic effects of HPAI on poultry workers and those responding to the disease.

Representatives of the Victorian Environment Protection Authority, local government and the poultry industry will be invited to participate at LDCCs. The exercise will not involve any contact with people or organisations that are not direct ‘players’ in the exercise.


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