Simulation exercise : Foot and mouth disease in the Czech Republic

12 to 13 June 2012

Dr Milan Malena, Chief Veterinary Officer, State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Agriculture, Prague, informed the OIE that a field simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will take place in the municipality of Kv?tušin, in the South Bohemian region, Czech Republic from 12 to 13 June 2012.

The main objective of this simulation exercise is to train on emergency measures to take in case of FMD outbreak suspicion and confirmation.

Practicing use of contingency plan and operational manual in the following areas will be implemented:

 1. Suspicion of FMD

  •  measures preventing the spread of disease from the holding
  • inspection and clinical examination of susceptible animals
  • taking of appropriate number of quality samples for the laboratory examination
  • transport of samples to a laboratory
  • preparing detailed maps showing all units on the holding and identification of all activities carried out in each unit
  • census of all live animals of various categories on the holding
  • census of sick and dead animals on the holding
  • epidemiological investigation
  • reporting of FMD suspicion

2. FMD confirmation

  •  reporting of FMD outbreak
  •  evaluation of animals
  •  killing of animals
  •  disposal of animals, products and waste of animal origin
  •  completion of the epidemiological enquiry
  •  cleaning and disinfection of contaminated equipment and buildings
  •  census of all susceptible holdings situated within a distance of 3 km and 10 km from the infected farm
  • establishment of the surveillance program and restrictions on movement of persons and animals in the surrounding area
  • establishment of the local crisis centre
  •  notification of private veterinarians, farmers keeping susceptible animals and animal transporters in the region
  • ordering of control measures for holdings, slaughterhouses and diary factories
  • tracing of all live susceptible animals and products from susceptible animals during the past 21 days
  • drawing up the list of products originating from susceptible animals considered as safe for the international trade
  • epidemiological investigation of the source of infection and risk analysis and modelling concerning spreading of FMD

Training will focused on co-operation between private veterinarians, official veterinarians, regional veterinary authorities, Military Veterinary Service and Integrated Rescue System forces.

Animal Health Information Department
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
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