Simulation exercise: Foot and mouth disease in Trans-Caucasus

12 to 15 July

Dr Mikheil Sokhadze, Chief Veterinary Officer, Deputy Head of the National Food Agency, Ministry of, Agriculture of Georgia, informed the OIE that a Trans-Caucasus Regional simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will take place in the municipalities of Borjomi and Aspindza in Georgia from 12 to 15 July 2016.

This simulation exercise is conducted by the European Commission for the Control of the Foot and Mouth Disease. It will include participants from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan and observers from Russia, Turkey and Iran. The simulation exercise will include table-top and field exercises.

The objectives of this simulation exercise are to:

  • raise awareness and prepare Transcaucasia Veterinary authorities for the national and regional control of exotic FMD;
  • test the Foot and Mouth Contingency Plans and cooperation of the Transcaucasia countries in case of an outbreak of exotic strain of FMD;
  • train staff on the implementation of the Contingency Plans;
  • test and practice field level response;
  • test and practice vaccination strategies and post outbreak surveillance.

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World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
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