Simulation exercise: Highly pathogenic avian influenza in Honduras

9 to 13 December

Dr Rafael Enrique Rodriguez Alvarado, Head of the animal health epidemiology Department of SENASA (National Service for Agriculture and Livestock), Honduras, informed the OIE within the framework of the National Avian Programme, that a field simulation exercise on highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is taking place in the municipality of Santa Rita, in the Department of Copan, in Honduras, from 9 to 13 December 2019.

Thirty (30) people will participate in this simulation exercise, including official veterinarians and poultry technicians working in animal health across the country, in coordination with 2 veterinarians and 12 poultry technicians from 5 private sector companies.

The National Federation of Poultry Producers of Honduras (FEDAVIH) actively contributes to the organization of this exercise and in addition the participation as observers of the International Organization for Plant Protection and Animal Health (OIRSA) as well as the one from the Latin American Poultry Association (ALA) were requested.

Honduras retains a free status for highly and low pathogenic avian influenza as, on the one hand, it has always been an exotic disease and, on the other hand, a reinforced program of active and passive epidemiological surveillance at all levels of the poultry chain consolidates this status.

The main objective of this simulation exercise will be to evaluate and strengthen the National Plan for Prevention, Early Detection, Control and Eradication of Avian Influenza in Honduras as part of an alert facing the occurrence of HPAI outbreaks in the neighbouring countries of Honduras.

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World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
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