Simulation exercise: Swine disease in Australia

21 to 22 October 2008

Dr Gardner Murray, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, informed the OIE that an exercise called “Exercise Charlottes Web” will simulate an outbreak of a suspect emergency animal disease on a pig breeding unit in South Australia. It will be run from 21 to 22 October 2008.

The aim of the exercise is to test the pork industry’s emergency management plans. The objectives of the exercise include analysing gaps in the pork industry’s arrangements, enhance understanding of stakeholder requirements, test crisis management plans and the ability to develop policy in response to major operational challenges.

The exercise is a controlled, scenario-driven activity that will take place in a simulated operational environment and will require players to perform a range of tasks related to their identified emergency roles. A State Disease Control Headquarters will be established in South Australia and a Crisis Centre established by the pork industry at their Canberra office. All activities external to the two sites will be simulated and there will be no actual field activities.

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