Simulation exercise: Swine disease in Colombia

12 to 15 June

Dr Luis Humberto Martínez Lacouture, Director General, Colombian Institute for Agriculture and Livestock (ICA), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bogotá, Colombia, informed the OIE that a simulation exercise on the handling of a swine disease will take place in the municipality of Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia, from 12 to 15 June 2017.

The objectives of this simulation exercise which will be conducted by the ICA are to:

  •  Train the veterinaries of the ICA to the handling of a swine disease, putting the emphasis on the procedures for the adequate handling of the notification, the control and the contingency plan.
  •  Evaluate the response of the emergency team when facing a hypothetical situation of a swine disease, reviewing actions undertaken, the way to access information, the taking of samples and the implementation of control measures, containment and eradication.

Veterinarians from the central western zone of the country, which is the biggest swine production area, will participate in this simulation exercise. This zone is also the zone recognised as classical swine fever free by the OIE.

This Simulation exercise has been jointly organized in the frame of a technical cooperation project with the Danish Veterinary Agency and the embassy. They will support the ICA with experts from the Danish Veterinary Service.

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