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Laboratory Twinning 

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Twinning is not a new concept and has been used extensively to facilitate capacity building and networking, and to bring communities together. The OIE is applying the concept to laboratories to build expertise for the most important animal diseases and zoonoses in priority regions, in direct support of the OIE’s strategy to improve global capacity for disease prevention, detection, and control through better veterinary governance. Through twinning, OIE aims to provide a more balanced north-south distribution of advanced expertise, allowing more countries to access high quality diagnostic testing and technical knowledge within their own region, thus facilitating early disease detection and rapid control. A high level of scientific expertise is also essential to allow countries to formulate science-based animal health control strategies and to maintain veterinary scientific communities to support the standard setting process of the OIE.


Each twinning project links an existing OIE Reference Laboratory or Collaborating Centre with a selected candidate laboratory. Knowledge and skills are exchanged through this link over a determined project period. Twinning projects provide mutual benefits for both laboratories including through creating joint research opportunities, and the whole international community will benefit from stronger global disease surveillance networks.


How to apply

Current status of twinning projects

Experiences and outputs


OIE Twinning Feedback Workshop

(OIE Headquarters, Paris, 30-31 March 2011)

Central Asia Brucellosis Meeting

(Turkey, 29 Nov.-1 Dec. 2011)

Southern Africa Regional Seminar

Johannesburg (South Africa), 2012