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The OIE World Animal Health and Welfare Fund (the OIE World Fund) was created on May 28, 2004 by Resolution No. XVII of the OIE World Assembly of Delegates.  The rules and operating conditions of the World Fund were further detailed by the OIE Council in 2011; this new legal basis was approved by the World Assembly of Delegates and formally included into the OIE Basic Texts [1].

The OIE World Fund has been established “for the purpose of projects of international public utility relating to the control of animal diseases, including those affecting humans, and the promotion of animal welfare and animal production food safety”.  

The main objectives of the activities funded by the OIE World Fund are to:

  • improve governance of animal health systems, including veterinary services and their compliance with OIE standards on quality via the OIE PVS Pathway, using the OIE PVS Evaluation Tool, PVS Gap Analysis and OIE PVS Pathway follow-up missions;
  • modernise existing national veterinary legislation 
  • develop veterinary education
  • develop tools which empower Members to deal with urgent situations regarding the prevention and control of animal diseases (e.g. vaccine banks, communication programs) 
  • improve the animal health scientific community worldwide through (i) laboratory twinning projects, (ii) twinning projects on veterinary education, and (iii) twinning projects between veterinary statutory bodies.