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Listing and Categorisation of Priority Animal Diseases, including those Transmissible to Humans


In 2009 after an international call for tender, the OIE commissioned PHYLUM to conduct a study on ‘Listing and Categorisation of Priority Animal Diseases, including those Transmissible to Humans’. This study was co-funded by the World Bank and the European Union. The objective was “to facilitate regional/national veterinary authority management decision making on priorities and categorisation of all animal diseases and animal-related threats”.

The final report of this study is in three parts, each one corresponding to a fundamental sequence of the work:

  • Part 1 is a report on the activities of the project: objectives, main steps, analysis of difficulties, main recommendations for further studies, etc.

  • Part 2 is a manual, providing a detailed presentation of the method and of the corresponding modules of the tools, as well as some directions and clues about how to deal certain particular points or key notions of the study.

  • The corresponding tools can be downloaded here: Prioritisation & Recapitulative Please note that these files are the versions used at the time of the publication of the report; they have been since been adapted for some specific uses. Please also note that there is no maintenance of the tool; however, users can rebuild the tool with the user manual.

  • Part 3 is a review of the test phase, including the workshops with country representatives and representatives of international organisations and the tests that were carried out in various countries. Due to certain confidential data contained therein Part 3 is not publicly available.

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