Technical disease cards


African horse sickness

African swine fever


Bovine babesiosis

Classical swine fever

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia


Epizootic haemorrhagic disease

Equine piroplasmosis

Foot and mouth disease


Haemorrhagic septicaemia


Highly pathogenic avian influenza

Japanese encephalitis

Lumpy skin disease

Malignant catarrhal fever

Newcastle disease

Nipah (virus encephalitis)

Peste des petits ruminants

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease


Rift Valley fever



Sheep pox and goat pox

Swine influenza

Swine vesicular disease


Trypanosoma evansi infections (including surra)

Trypanosomosis (tsetse-transmitted)

Venezuelan equine encephalitis

Vesicular stomatitis

Technical disease cards

The OIE has updated the technical disease cards for 34 important animal diseases, including 33 OIE-listed diseases. These are currently available in English only.

The OIE expresses its gratitude to the scientists from its Reference Laboratories and other experts, as well as key donors such as USDA-APHIS, who have contributed to the new versions of the disease cards.


Technical disease cards on non OIE-Listed diseases in wildlife


Agent causing chronic wasting disease (CWD)
Algal toxicosis
Chemical poisoning
Babesia spp. (new or unusual occurrences)(Infection with)
Baylisascaris procyonis (Infection with)
Herpesvirus causing fibropapillomatosis in sea turtles (Infection with)
Elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses (EEHV)(Infection with)
Avian Paramyxoviruses (other than those listed by the OIE)(Infection with)
Equine influenza (wild equidae)
Fasciola gigantica (Infection with)
Fascioloides magna (Infection with)
Theileria spp. (new or unusual occurrences)(Infection with)
Trichinella nelsonei, zimbabwei and papouae (Infection with)
Trichomonas spp. in birds and reptiles (Infection with)
Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1 or Ovine herpesvirus 2 (Infection with)
Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)(Infection with)
Filoviruses (Infection with)
Borrelia spp. (Infection with)
Calicivirus in marine mammals (Infection with)
Circoviruses (Infection with)
Encephalomyocarditis virus (Infection with)
European brown hare syndrome virus (Infection with)
Immunodeficiency viruses (Feline, Simian)(Infection with)
Low pathogenic avian influenza viruses (all subtypes)(Infection with)
Morbillivirus (canids and felids)(Infection with)
Flavivirus)(Infection with)(causing louping Ill)
Flavivirus (causing yellow fever)(Infection with)
Flavivirus (causing tick borne encephalitis)(Infection with)
Hantaviruses (Infection with)
Henipaviruses (Hendra viruses)(Infection with)
Henipaviruses (Nipah viruses)(Infection with)
Histomonas spp. (Infection with)
Leptospira interogans ssp. (Infection with)
Listeria monocytogenes (Infection with)
Morbillivirus (marine mammals)(Infection with)
Morbillivirus in non-human primates (Infection with
Morbilliviruses in other taxonomic groups of hosts (Infection with)
Parvoviruses (Infection with)
Pasteurella spp. (Infection with)
Plasmodium spp. (Infection with)
Pox viruses (other than those listed by the OIE)(Infection with)
Psoroptes spp. (Infection with)
Newcastle disease virus (wild birds)(Infection with)
Salmonella enterica (all serovars)(Infection with)
Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola (causing snake fungal disease)(Infection with)
Pseudogymnoascus destructans in bats (White-nose syndrome)(Infection with)
Yersinia enterocolitica (Infection with)
Yersinia pestis (Infection with)
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis (Infection with)
Ranaviruses(Infection with)
Sarcoptes scabiei (Infection with)
Crocodilepox virus (Papillomatosis in crocodiles)(Infection with)
Unusual morbidity or mortality event (cause undetermined)
Toxoplasma gondii (Infection with)