Simulation Exercises

This page is used to disseminate on the web announcement received from Member Countries on disease introduction simulation exercises taking place in their countries.

These simulation exercises are also disseminated to OIE’s Delegates and to the subscribers of the OIE-Info Distribution List before their implementation.

Most of the time, these simulation exercises are meant to test and practice, based on an established national contingency plan. The OIE encourages its Member Countries to share their experiences about the preparation of generic and/or disease specific national contingency plans and has dedicated a specific web page for National contingency plans.

AzerbaijanAvian Influenza20213 and 4 March
SerbiaPeste des petits ruminants202026 November
AustraliaAfrican swine fever202024 and 25 November
BrazilFoot and mouth disease202023 to 27 November
LithuaniaCivil protection20208 October
AustraliaEmergency Animal Disease20208 and 9 October
TurkeyAvian Influenza202030 March to 3 April
BrazilFoot and mouth disease202030 March to 3 April
BrazilFoot and mouth disease20202 to 6 March
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease20202 to 6 March – 16 to 20 March
Australia/United KingdomRapid risk assessments202029 January to 31 January
PeruAcute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome201910 to 12 December
HondurasHighly pathogenic avian influenza20199 to 13 December
SwedenAfrican swine fever201910 to 11 December
AustraliaAfrican swine fever20195 and 9 December
Republic of North MacedoniaAfrican swine fever201927 to 28 November
Nordic and Baltic CountriesFoot and mouth disease201913 to 14 November
ArgentinaFoot and mouth disease201911 to 15 November
NicaraguaAfrican swine fever201918 to 21 November
Falkland IslandsFoot and mouth disease201930 October
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201921 to 25 October
PortugalChemical, Biological and Radiological incidents201914 to 18 October
GuatemalaAfrican swine fever20197 to 10 October
United States of AmericaAfrican swine fever201923 to 26 September
MexicoAfrican swine fever201924 to 26 September
AustraliaEggercise20193 September
EstoniaFoot and mouth disease201929 August
NorwayFoot and mouth disease201928 August, September, 23 to 24 October
Costa RicaAvian Influenza, African swine fever and classical swine fever201919 to 22 August
ParaguayAvian Influenza201918 to 24 August
Dominican RepublicInfestation with Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle)201923 to 25 July
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201926 to 30 August
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201911 to 17 August
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease20194 July to 26 September
Chinese TaipeiAfrican swine fever201928 June
TurkeyAnthrax201910 to 12 September
PeruFoot and mouth disease201918 to 20 June; 16 to 18 July; 20 to 22 August
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201918 to 19 June
EstoniaFoot and mouth disease20196, 19 and 20 June
Tanzania/KenyaCross border field simulation exercise201911 to 14 June
ChileFoot and mouth disease201910 to 14 June
EstoniaFoot and mouth disease201922 May 
PanamaNew world screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax)201920 to 23 May
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201913 to 17 May
AustraliaAfrican swine fever201914 to 16 May
SerbiaFoot and mouth disease201920 to 21 March
SpainFoot and mouth disease201912 to 14 March
TurkeyAvian Influenza20198 to 12 April – 14 to 18 October
AustraliaAfrican swine fever20194 to 8 March
BeninHighly pathogenic avian influenza201914 and 15 March
AustraliaBiosecurity incident201925 to 28 March
BulgariaFoot and mouth disease201912 to 14 February
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease20194 to 8 February – 25 February to 1 March
DenmarkAfrican swine fever201928 to 31 January
Chinese TaipeiAfrican swine fever201826 December
Former Yug. Rep. of MacedoniaFoot and mouth disease20183 to 6 December
PanamaAvian diseases20183 to 6 December
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Avian Influenza201812 November
ItalyAfrican swine fever201814 and 15 November
PanamaFoot and mouth disease201822 to 26 October 2018
TurkeyAvian Influenza201815 to 19 October
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease201816 October
BrazilEmerging and exotic diseases201822 to 28 September
MexicoSwine diseases (Enfermedades rojas del cerdo)201817 to 20 September
ArgentinaSwine diseases201812 to 13 September
BrazilSwine exotic diseases20186 to 10 August
BeninHighly pathogenic avian influenza201824 to 27 July
Czech RepublicFoot and mouth disease and African swine fever201819 to 20 June
Germany/PolandAfrican swine fever201811 to 13 June
AustraliaMass contamination201821 June
GuyanaFoot and mouth disease201811-13 May 2018
SenegalHighly pathogenic avian influenza20187-11 May 2018
EstoniaFoot and mouth disease201814 March to 7 June 2018
United States of AmericaFoot and mouth disease20188 to 10 May
PeruAvian Influenza201814 to 16 May
Lithuania and LatviaFoot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease20182 to 3 May
United KingdomFoot and mouth disease201825 and 26 April
MoldovaAfrican swine fever20184 to 5 April
PeruFoot and mouth disease201811 to 13 April
TurkeyAvian Influenza20189 to 13 April
KazakhstanFoot and mouth disease and lumpy skin disease20182 to 5 April
AustraliaBee disease2018March until July
AustraliaBiosecurity emergency20185 to 9 March
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201812 to 16 February  – 26 February to 2 March
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease20188 January – 16 February
ChileAvian Influenza20176 December
Czech RepublicAvian Influenza201731 October
SurinameFoot and mouth disease201725 and 26 October
BoliviaFoot and mouth disease201727 November to 1 December
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Avian Influenza201731 October
BrazilClassical swine fever201716 to 20 October
TurkeyAvian Influenza20172 October to 6 October
CanadaFoot and mouth disease201719 September
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201718 to 22 September
Nordic-Baltic countriesAfrican horse sickness20176 (and 7) September
BrazilClassical swine fever201728 August to 1 September
OIEOIE regional Workshop in Middle East and North Africa201711 to 13 July
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201724 to 28 April – 17 to 21 July (Kars exercise in July postponed)
PeruAvian Influenza201720 to 21 June
Czech RepublicFMD – ASF – CSF – AI201720 to 21 June
ColombiaSwine disease201712 to 15 June
NicaraguaAvian Influenza201727 to 30 June
PanamaNew world screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax)201722 to 25 May
AustraliaHighly pathogenic avian influenza201712 to 18 May
PeruFoot and mouth disease20176 to 8 June
AustraliaAquatic emergency animal disease20178 to 11 May
AustraliaHighly pathogenic avian influenza201719 to 29 April
TurkeyAvian Influenza201710 April to 14 April
AustraliaEmergency Animal Disease201723 March
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201713 to 22 March
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza2017Week of 20 February 
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201612 to 16 December
ItalyAfrican swine fever201629 and 30 November
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease2016Between 21 November and 2 December
Costa RicaAvian influenza and classical swine fever201614 to 17 November
BoliviaAvian Influenza20167 to 11 November
TurkeyAvian Influenza201631 October to 4 November
SpainBiological terrorism threat – Foot and mouth disease201626 and 27 October
New-ZealandFoot-and-mouth disease culling and disposal exercise201619 October
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Avian Influenza201620 October
BrazilClassical swine fever201617 to 21 October
BrazilFoot and mouth disease20163 to 7 October
TurkeyAvian Influenza201626 to 30 September
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201622 to 29 September
PanamaInfestation with Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle)201621 to 23 September
ParaguayFoot and mouth disease201619 to 23 September
AustraliaAnthrax201613 to 15 September and 27 to 29 September
KazakhstanFoot and mouth disease20165 to 9 September
PeruFoot and mouth disease201622 to 25 August
NicaraguaFoot and mouth disease201615 to 17 August
TurkeyAvian Influenza20168 to 12 August
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201625 to 29 July
GeorgiaFoot and mouth disease in Trans-Caucasus201612 to 15 July
Czech RepublicFoot and mouth disease and avian influenza201614 to 15 June
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201623 to 27 May
PortugalFoot and mouth disease201617 to 18 May
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease201616 to 20 May
TurkeyAvian Influenza201625 to 29 April
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201628 March to 1 April
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease201623 March
PeruFoot and mouth disease201514 to 16 December
NorwayContagious zoonotic disease201525 to 27 November
ChileAvian Influenza201517 to 19 November
Czech RepublicAvian Influenza201512 to 13 November
ColombiaSwine disease201528 to 30 October
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease201527 to 29 October
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Infection with avian influenza viruses201527 October
PanamaClassical swine fever201519 to 23 October
PanamaAvian Influenza201519 to 23 October
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201512 to 16 October
TurkeyAvian Influenza20155 to 8 October
PeruFoot and mouth disease201523 to 25 September
ArgentinaFoot and mouth disease201525 to 28 August
HondurasAvian Influenza201510 to 14 August
Czech RepublicAvian Influenza20151 to 2 July
SloveniaFoot and mouth disease20152 to 4 June
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease20154 to 7 May
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease201527 to 30 April
TurkeyAvian Influenza201513 to 17 April
RomaniaBluetongue201526 to 27 March
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease2015POSTPONED  (as of  19/02/15) – 17 to 19 March
BrazilAvian Influenza201516 to 27 March
PanamaNew world screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax)201524 to 26 February
MoldovaClassical swine fever201519 February
DenmarkFoot and mouth disease201519 to 23 January
TurkeyAvian Influenza201425 to 27 November 2014
DenmarkFoot and mouth disease201418 November
PeruInfection with avian influenza viruses201429 to 31 October
BelizeClassical swine fever201428 to 29 October
BelizeWhite spot disease and emerging aquatic disease201423 October
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Infection with avian influenza viruses201420 October
BrazilFoot and mouth disease20146 to 10 October
RomaniaAfrican and classical swine fever201417 to 18 September
BelizeFoot and mouth disease201415 to 17 September
SingaporeRabies20149 September
PeruFoot and mouth disease20148 to 12 September
GuatemalaHighly pathogenic avian influenza201426 to 28 August
SingaporeCulling of poultry procedure20147 to 17 July
CanadaFoot and mouth disease201426 June
AustriaFoot and mouth disease201423 to 27 June
Czech RepublicAfrican swine fever and foot and mouth disease201417 to 18 June
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease20147 to 8 May
CanadaFoot and mouth disease201411 to 13 March
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease201412 February
PeruHighly pathogenic avian influenza201311 to 12 December
AustraliaAnthrax201327 November
ArgentinaFoot and mouth disease201326 to 29 November
BoliviaFoot and mouth disease201324 to 29 November
NorwayFoodborne disease201320 to 22 November
AustraliaPacific oyster mortality syndrome201325 October
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Highly pathogenic avian influenza20138 October
RomaniaAfrican swine fever20137 to 10 October
TurkeyHighly pathogenic avian influenza201330 September to 4 October
PolandAfrican swine fever201330 September to 4 October
BrazilFoot and mouth disease201323 to 27 September
Czech RepublicClassical swine fever and African swine fever201313 September
SlovakiaClassical swine fever and African swine fever201313 September
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza201315 and 17 July
New-ZealandInitial biosecurity response procedures201327 June
Brazil (State of São Paulo)Vesicular diseases201324 to 28 June
NicaraguaAvian Influenza201324 to 28 June
Brazil (State of Rio de Janeiro)Vesicular diseases201317 to 21 June
United KingdomClassical swine fever201312 to 13 June
BrazilClassical swine fever20134 to 6 June – 10 to 14 June
AustraliaHendra virus20134 June
Korea (Rep. of)Foot and mouth disease201315 May
HondurasNecrotising hepatopancreatitis201313 to 18 May 2013
RomaniaFoot and mouth disease201320 to 22 May
CroatiaAvian influenza and foot and mouth disease201312 to 14 March
LithuaniaAfrican and classical swine fevers, foot and mouth disease201330 January
BrazilFoot and mouth disease10 to 17 December 2012
BrazilFoot and mouth disease3 to 6 December 2012
NorwayFoot and mouth disease20 to 22 November 2012
SpainFoot and mouth disease19 to 20 November 2012
HondurasAvian diseases5 to 9 November 2012
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Highly pathogenic avian influenza1 November 2012
CanadaForeign animal disease (FAD)3 to 4 October 2012
SlovakiaAnthrax13 September 2012
United States of AmericaFoot and mouth disease26 to 28 June 2012
RomaniaClassical swine fever19 to 20 June 2012
Czech RepublicFoot and mouth disease12 to 13 June 2012
CanadaFoot and mouth disease11 to 13 June 2012
AustraliaBluetongue15 to 18 May 2012
BrazilFoot and mouth disease12 to 17 April 2012
RomaniaSelected OIE-Listed diseases28 March 2012
Caribbean RegionFoot and mouth disease22 March 2012
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza22 March 2012
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease19 to 23 March 2012
ColombiaSwine disease5 to 8 March 2012
BelarusAfrican swine fever27 to 28 January 2012
ItalyFoot and mouth disease14 to 15 December 2011
CroatiaAfrican swine fever14 to 15 December 2011
Czech RepublicAfrican and classical swine fevers and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza13 to 14 December 2011
CanadaExotic animal disease6 December 2011
BoliviaFoot and mouth disease28 November to 2 December 2011
LithuaniaSeven OIE-Listed diseases23 November 2011
SpainAfrican swine fever10 to 11 November 2011
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Highly pathogenic avian influenza27 October 2011
Denmark including the other Baltic and Nordic countriesAfrican swine fever11 to 13 October 2011
TurkeyAvian Influenza3 to 7 October 2011
CanadaForeign animal disease (FAD)7 September 2011
MexicoAvian Influenza5 to 9 September 2011
ColombiaSwine disease15 to 18 August 2011
PeruFoot and mouth disease11 to 15 July 2011
SwitzerlandFoot and mouth disease28 to 30 June 2011
NicaraguaClassical swine fever27 to 30 June 2011
Czech RepublicFoot and mouth disease21 to 22 June 2011
SlovakiaFoot and mouth disease16 June 2011
SloveniaTransboundary disease10 to 11 june 2011
CroatiaEmerging disease8 to 9 June 2011
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease1 to 3 June 2011
HondurasAvian Influenza2 to 6 May 2011
ColombiaSwine disease15 to 18 March 2011
CanadaFoot and mouth disease16 and 17 February 2011
GermanyClassical swine fever1 to 2 February 2011
ChileClassical swine fever16 to 18 November 2010
United KingdomFoot and mouth disease9 to 10 November 2010
GermanyFoot and mouth disease8 to 12 November 2010
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Highly pathogenic avian influenza28 October 2010
AustraliaEmergency Animal Disease26 October 2010
SwedenFoot and mouth disease22 to 29 October 2010
FinlandFoot and mouth disease6 to 7 October 2010
LithuaniaEight OIE-Listed diseases15 September 2010
PeruFoot and mouth disease20 to 24 September 2010
ArgentinaSwine disease21 to 24 September 2010
AustraliaHighly pathogenic avian influenza31 August to 1 September, 22 September and 13 October 2010
GuatemalaClassical swine fever23 to 27 August 2010
SwazilandHighly pathogenic avian influenza21 to 23 July 2010
Kenya – EthiopiaRinderpest disease15 to 19 June 2010
SloveniaFoot and mouth disease7 to 10 June 2010
TurkeyHighly pathogenic avian influenza24 to 28 May 2010
United States of AmericaRift Valley fever20-21 May and 25-26 May 2010
TurkeyFoot and mouth disease10 to 14 May 2010
TogoHighly pathogenic avian influenza4 to 8 May 2010
Kenya – UgandaHighly pathogenic avian influenza26 to 29 April 2010
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease14 April 2010
TurkeyHighly pathogenic avian influenza21 to 25 December 2009
Costa RicaClassical swine fever30 November to 4 December 2009
ArgentinaFoot and mouth disease2 to 4 December 2009
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease23 to 27 November 2009
PeruFoot and mouth disease23 to 26 November 2009
GuatemalaClassical swine fever19 to 21 November 2009
ArgentinaSwine disease27 to 30 October 2009
ZambiaHighly pathogenic avian influenza29 to 30 September 2009
DenmarkFoot and mouth disease23 to 24 September 2009
RomaniaFoot and mouth disease7 to 10 September 2009
ArgentinaAvian Influenza2 to 4 September 2009
BoliviaAvian Influenza26 to 28 August 2009
ChileFoot and mouth disease17 to 21 August 2009
PeruFoot and mouth disease11 to 13 August 2009
BrazilCattle diseases8 to 14 August 2009
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease31 July to 12 November 2009
BrazilBird diseases25 to 31 July 2009
BrazilSwine disease4 to 10 July 2009
MaliHighly pathogenic avian influenza25 to 27 June 2009
United States of AmericaFoot and mouth disease18 to 24 June 2009
CanadaFoot and mouth disease16 to 19 June 2009
Nordic-Baltic countriesWest Nile Fever3 June 2009
SloveniaAvian Influenza19 to 21 May 2009
LithuaniaSeven OIE-Listed diseases30 April 2009
UruguayFoot and mouth disease26 to 28 November 2008
AustraliaClassical swine fever18 to 20 November 2008
United States of AmericaRift Valley fever18 to 20 November 2008
AustraliaClassical swine fever18 to 20 November 2008
El SalvadorAvian Influenza8 to 12 December 2008
AustraliaAvian Influenza11 to 12 November 2008
Serbia and MontenegroAvian Influenza10 and 15 November 2008
TurkeyHighly pathogenic avian influenza3 to 7 November 2008
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease29 to 30 October 2008
AustraliaSwine disease21 to 22 October 2008
ChileAvian Influenza14 to 16 October 2008
PanamaFoot and mouth disease16 to 20 June 2008
SpainFoot and mouth disease16 and 17 June 2008
Nordic-Baltic countriesBluetongue14 and 16 May 2008
DenmarkClassical swine fever13 and 16 May 2008
JamaicaHighly pathogenic avian influenza30 April and 1 May 2008
LuxembourgFoot and mouth disease3 to 7 March 2008
ParaguayFoot and mouth disease25 to 29 February 2008
PeruAvian Influenza20 to 21 February 2008
AlbaniaHighly pathogenic avian influenza30 to 31 January 2008
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza10 January 2008
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Highly pathogenic avian influenza18 December 2007
SloveniaClassical swine fever3 to 5 December 2007
LatviaClassical swine fever6 to 9 November 2007
TurkeyAvian Influenza16 to 19 October 2007
GuyanaHighly pathogenic avian influenza7 to 9 August 2007
AustraliaHighly pathogenic avian influenza20 June 2007
ParaguayHighly pathogenic avian influenza4 to 8 June 2007
AustraliaLumpy skin disease16 to 20 April 2007
PanamaClassical swine fever9 to 13 April 2007
PanamaPriority shrimp diseases12 to 16 March 2007
UruguayAvian Influenza11 to 14 December 2006
CyprusAvian Influenza9 to 12 October 2006
AlbaniaAvian Influenza6 and 7 December 2006
LithuaniaClassical swine fever5 and 6 December 2006
ArgentinaExotic swine disease28 November to 1 December 2006
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease20 to 22 November 2006
SenegalAvian Influenza7 and 8 November 2006
JamaicaAvian Influenza2 and 3 November 2006
Dominican RepublicAvian Influenza23 to 26 October 2006
Hong Kong (SAR-PRC)Avian Influenza20 October 2006
SingaporeAvian Influenza4 October 2006
PanamaAvian Influenza25 to 28 July 2006
ItalyAvian Influenza18 to 21 July 2006
El SalvadorAvian Influenza11 to 14 July 2006
PeruAvian Influenza10 to 13 July 2006
SloveniaFoot and mouth disease27 to 29 June 2006
AlgeriaAvian Influenza21 June 2006
PolandClassical swine fever19 to 23 June 2006
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease16 to 19 May 2006
Brunei DarussalamAvian Influenza4 April 2006
NicaraguaAvian Influenza3 to 7 April 2006
MoroccoAvian Influenza14 March 2006
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza22 February 2006

AustraliaAvian Influenza30 November to 1 December 2005
FranceHighly pathogenic avian influenza3 and 4 November 2005
AustriaAvian Influenza25 October 2005
Chinese TaipeiHighly pathogenic avian influenza19 October 2005
Nordic countriesFoot and mouth disease19 to 23 September 2005
TurkeyAvian Influenza6 to 9 September 2005
ArgentinaAvian Influenza7 to 11 August 2005
PanamaAvian Influenza26 to 29 July 2005
SloveniaAvian Influenza6 to 10 June 2005
Costa RicaAvian Influenza5 to 8 April 2005
CanadaFoot and mouth disease21 to 23 March 2005
New-ZealandFoot and mouth diseaseMarch and April 2005
SwitzerlandAvian Influenza20 January 2005
AustraliaHighly pathogenic avian influenza22 to 25 November 2004
AustriaFoot and mouth disease8 and 11 November 2004
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza3 September 2004
LatviaAvian Influenza24 to 26 August 2004
AustraliaViral avian infectious disease24 August 2004
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease15 to 18 June 2004
SloveniaClassical swine fever7 to 11 June 2004
SlovakiaAvian Influenza31 May to 4 June 2004
SlovakiaFoot and mouth disease17 to 21 May 2004
DenmarkClassical swine fever28 to 30 April 2004
JamaicaClassical swine fever6 April 2004
IcelandFoot and mouth disease18 to 20 March 2004
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease8 to 12 March 2004
SingaporeHighly pathogenic avian influenza18 February 2004
PhilippinesHighly pathogenic avian influenza01 February 2004
FranceAvian pests18 December 2003
SwitzerlandFoot and mouth disease12 and 13 November 2003
AustraliaViral haemorrhagic septicaemia10 to 18 November 2003
ChileBovine spongiform encephalopathy28 October 2003
GermanyFoot and mouth disease20 October to 14 November 2003
PanamaAvian Influenza20 to 24 October 2003
PanamaAvian diseases19 to 22 October 2003
FranceFoot and mouth disease24 to 26 June 2003
PolandNewcastle disease9 to 13 June 2003
MexicoFoot and mouth disease20 to 23 May 2003
BulgariaFoot and mouth disease31 March to 4 April 2003
CyprusFoot and mouth disease17 to 21 March 2003
New-ZealandFoot and mouth disease19 December 2002
New-ZealandAnthrax11 to 14 November 2002
PanamaAvian Influenza29 October to 1 November 2002
PanamaFoot and mouth disease14 to 18 October 2002
SingaporeAvian Influenza23 September 2002
LatviaClassical swine fever16 to 19 September 2002
AustraliaFoot and mouth disease9 to 13 September 2002
LithuaniaFoot and mouth disease9 to 12 September 2002
GermanyFoot and mouth disease4 to 6 September 2002