World Animal Health Information System

OIE-WAHIS portal: Animal Health Data

To enable free access to world animal health data, the OIE provides Internet users with several computer tools designed to answer specific user needs. This portal provides easy access to these tools, for more accurate results while searching for world animal health information.

Guaranteeing transparency of the world animal health situation is one of the primary missions of the OIE. OIE Member Countries have an obligation to submit information on their animal health situation, and a list of terrestrial and aquatic animal diseases notifiable to the OIE has been established for that purpose.

To fulfil this mandate, the OIE regularly adapts the information technology tools of the OIE-World Animal Health Information System (OIE-WAHIS) which comprises three essential elements:

  1. An early warning system for the immediate management of alert notices for OIE-listed diseases and emerging diseases.
  2. A monitoring system to manage six-monthly information updates on all OIE-listed diseases.
  3. Further information provided by National Authorities through annual reports on animal diseases affecting human populations; animal populations and Veterinary Service capacities, such as personnel, laboratory capacity and vaccine production.


In addition, there is OIE-WAHIS–Wild, a system which gathers and presents information on wildlife diseases that are not included in the OIE list but are considered to require surveillance. These diseases are not subject to compulsory notification, but Member Countries are encouraged to provide information on them voluntarily, if they are of significant interest for animal health knowledge.

The OIE-WAHIS portal provides public access to all this information, as described below.


List of real-time alert notices Please subscribeNew OIE-WAHIS alerts smartphone application
The new version will be available soon.

 OIE-WAHIS Interface
Handistatus IIArchives
It gathers together all data from 2005 onwards.

Provides all data collected by the OIE between 1996 and 2004

Weekly animal health information report archives dating from 1992 to 2006.

Interface OIE-WAHIS-Wild

A tool presenting information about wildlife diseases which are not included on the OIE list but which are considered to require surveillance. The new version will be available soon.

OIE-WAHIS data entry interfaceOIE-WAHIS
Notification procedures
Only available to authorised users, mainly Member Country Delegates to the OIE and their representatives.These notification procedures are intended for OIE Focal Points for Animal Disease Notification from Member Countries  in order to help them with the notification process