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Food Safety

Media Resources

Learn more and help spread the word about the importance of controlling pathogens at their animal source with the tools below.

Social Media Tools

The OIE has developed key messages, emphasised by visuals, to raise awareness on animal production food safety. Intended to highlight the important role of the Veterinary Services on animal production food safety, these could be shared on various social media platforms to reach out to various stakeholders. 


>> Download the social media cards here <<


World Food Safety Day

June 7th has been declared World Food Safety Day by the United Nations. This initiative is a response to the need of addressing the global burdens of foodborne diseases. It is an opportunity to communicate on the importance of food safety and the collaboration necessary to ensure that safe food is accessible to communities worldwide.


Food Safety
Bulletin 2015-1
Coordinating surveillance policies in animal health and food safety ‘from farm to fork’
Scientific and Technical Review

Animal production food safety: priority pathogens for standard setting by the World Organisation for Animal Health
Scientific and Technical Review 28(3) – Plurithematic issue

A review of the scientific literature on the control of Salmonella food-producing animals other than poultry

Handbook on Import Risk Analysis for Animals and Animal Products

Vol. 1, 2nd Ed., 2010

Handbook on Import Risk Analysis

for Animals and Animal Products,

Vol. 1, 2nd Ed., 2004


Press releases

  • 01/08/2018  G20 Agriculture Ministers support the implementation of OIE Standards to achieve a sustainable food future
  • 07/04/2015  Food safety, inseparable from strong and efficient animal health systems
  • 23/05/2011  Shortage in number of veterinarians is a major constraint to world food security and safety
  • 24/05/2010  Private agri-food industry expresses its views on public and private standards