Ad hoc Groups

Ad hoc Groups

An ad hoc Group is convened at the initiative of the Director General to provide expert advice on a topic as defined by the Terms of Reference. The ad hoc Group reports are considered by the relevant Specialist Commission or Director General. An ad hoc Group usually comprises six internationally recognised experts and take into consideration geographical representation and gender balance. The ‘Terms of Reference and Internal rules for Working Groups and ad hoc Groups’ can be found here.

Nomination of experts

Delegates may nominate experts for specific ad hoc Groups, in particular for those that are in the planning phase (P) not yet formally established (E), and can send the name(s) of the expert(s) via email to [email protected]. However, experts must submit their relevant information by filling out this form. This information will be considered but does not guarantee that the expert will be selected. It will assist the OIE in establishing a database of internationally recognised experts.

Ad hoc Group reports

Ad hoc Group reports published since 2016 can be accessed from the menu on the left hand side of this page. To access reports prior to July 2016, please refer to reports of the relevant OIE Specialist Commission available here.

Ad hoc Group meeting schedule

The schedule for upcoming ad hoc Group meetings is presented below.

Ad hoc GroupsStage*ToR20212022
Animal Semen: Chapter 4.6, Terrestrial Code.E   
BSE (impact assessment)EYes  
Contagious equine metritis and equine piroplasmosisE  
Emergency disease preparedness and disease outbreak managementE Yes Dec
Free roaming dogs (chapter 7.7)E   
International Standard Bovine Tuberculin (ISBT)E
Rift Valley feverE   
SARS Covid-2EYes
Slaughter and killing of animals for disease control purposesE Nov 
Status evaluation on AHSE Yes  
Status evaluation on BSEE YesNov 
Status evaluation on CBPPE Yes  
Status evaluation on CSFE Yes  
Status evaluation on FMDE Yes  
Status evaluation on PPRE  Dec
Surra and dourineE   
Susceptibility of fish species to infection with OIE listed diseasesE   
Susceptibility of mollusc species to infection with OIE listed diseasesE Yes Dec
Sustainable laboratoriesE   
Technical References for ‘aquatic animals’E
Wildlife trade and marketsE
*E = Established AHG; P = Planned and open for nomination of experts.

Reports from ad hoc Groups on Terrestrial Animals

Disease specific

Other terrestrial animal related subjects

Reports from ad hoc Groups on Aquatic Animals

Disease specific

Other aquatic animal related subjects

Report of ad hoc Groups on animal welfare

Reports from ad hoc Groups on Antimicrobial resistance

Evaluation for official status and endorsement of control programmes

Reports from ad hoc Groups on other subjects