Emergency and Resilience

The OIE is based on the principles of solidarity and transparency and strongly encourages Member Countries to support each other in planning and responding to animal health emergencies.

Planning for animal health emergencies underpins preparedness. Plans should be fit for purpose and adapted to available resources and the local context. They should be tested and reviewed regularly to make sure that they work.

On this page you will find examples of animal health emergency management plans (also known as contingency plans) and other resources to support emergency planning.

a. Emergency Plans:

Examples of emergency management plans (for both aquatic and terrestrial animals) can be accessed by clicking on the regions of the map below.

Although the OIE strongly suggests that member countries should have an emergency management plan in place, it does not judge national plans. Therefore the presence or absence of a plan on this page does not indicate an endorsement or lack of endorsement by the OIE.

The plans on this page have been shared with the agreement of the originator (or owner). They are provided in original format and language. Some will be accessed through links to government sites and others are provided in pdf format.

Plans available by region (please click on the region to access National Contingency Plans available in that region)

MIDDLE EAST Europe Africa Ameriquesud Amerique Amerique Asia and the pacific

b.Simulation exercises

i. Past simulation exercises

ii. OIE Guidelines for Simulation Exercises

c. Other resources

Here are some further resources provided by the OIE and partner organisations which provide insights into emergency management.

i.Report from OIE project ‘building capacity for emergency management through transparency and solidarity’

ii.Animal Welfare Guidelines for Disaster Management

iii. FAO – GEMP  

iv. Report from OIE Workshop on Exploring Innovative Approaches to Improving Sustainable Management of Animal Health Emergencies. The presentations from the workshop can be found here

v. Report from the OIE Workshop on Tackling Agro-Crime Affecting Animal Health and Welfare. The presentations from the workshop can be found here