Public-Private Partnerships in the veterinary domain

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The OIE Panorama on “Public-Private Partnerships and perspectives in the veterinary domain” : 25 articles written by key opinion leaders on how PPP can have a major impact in animal health and production systems

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In 2017, the OIE surveyed its 181 Member Countries and private entities on their experience with Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the veterinary domain. Through its 10-year experience with the PVS program, the OIE is convinced of the potential of PPPs to improve the quality of Veterinary Services worldwide, while building robust and sustainable animal health systems contributing to the health and well-being of human populations.

Thanks to the OIE survey, around 100 success stories were identified, their benefits and impact, as well as key challenges. Their analysis produced a global typology of PPPs in the veterinary domain.

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If you would like to learn more about what can be obtained from impactful and sustainable PPPs in the veterinary domain worldwide, you can follow the one-hour OIE PPP introductory e-learning course:

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You can also view the following videos which illustrate each main type of PPPs in the veterinary domain:


Mali: an example of a PPP between the Veterinary Services and private veterinarians: collaboration between the Veterinary Services of Mali and private veterinarians through the sanitary mandate for around 20 years, to improve livestock vaccination coverage


an example of a PPP between the Veterinary Services and producers:  collaboration between the Veterinary Services of Paraguay (SENACSA) and the Foundation of Animal Health Services (FUNDASSA), initiated in 2003, to eradicate FMD and open export markets


an example of a PPP between the Veterinary Services and a private company: collaboration between the Veterinary Services of Ethiopia and the company Ethiochicken since 2010, to improve poultry production and benefit smallholder farmers

For further information:

– View the presentation given by Sam Thevasagayam of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the topic of PPP at the 85th OIE General Session in May 2017:
Public-Private Partnerships as a means to support the capacities of national Veterinary Services

– Print and disseminate the OIE PPP Handbook and OIE PPP Brochure

The work on Public-Private Partnership at the OIE is done in collaboration with Cirad and EuFMD and has received the generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.