Self-declared Disease Status

In accordance with the provisions of the Terrestrial Animal Health Code (Terrestrial Code) or the Aquatic Animal Health Code (Aquatic Code), OIE Members may wish to self-declare the freedom of their country, zone or compartment from a disease. A Member wishing to publish its self-declaration for disease-freedom, should provide the relevant documented evidence of compliance with the provisions of the relevant chapters of the Codes.
Publications of self-declaration of disease freedom are handled in an objective and transparent manner, governed by the Standard Operating Procedure here below.

Download the Standard Operating Procedure

OIE Members can also submit for publication, a self-declaration of an Equine Disease-Free Zone (EDFZ). The EDFZ contains an equine population or subpopulation with a specific health status with respect to certain equine diseases for which freedom is declared by the Veterinary Authority. Establishing an EDFZ is a risk-based approach which can be considered by OIE Members planning to host international horse sports competitions. By establishing an EDFZ, disease-risks in the zone can be mitigated in advance for horses to safely enter and return to their countries of origin or to other destinations. Guidelines to support countries in the establishment of an EDFZ and the publication of their self-declaration are available to download: “OIE EDFZ guidelines

Self-declarations published since 2000

The OIE provides self-declarations published since 2000. These self-declarations with an active status are available online here.

For enquiries about past self-declarations that no longer have an active status, please contact [email protected].

Recently published self-declarations

More information on Members’ historical and current animal health situation will soon be available on OIE-WAHIS.

CountryFromToSelf-declared freedom fromCountry/ zone / compartmentSelf-declaration status
United States of America06/10/2021African swine fever and the establishment of a Protection Zone (PDF)

Establishment of a Protection Zone (PDF)

United Kingdom03/09/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
France02/09/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF in French)CountryActive
Denmark09/08/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Czech Republic26/07/202127/09/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza CountryNot Active
Germany24/07/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
The Netherlands 16/07/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Japan06/07/202105/09/2021Equine Disease Free Zone (PDF)ZoneTemporary
Slovakia01/07/2021Rabies (PDF)CountryActive
Japan30/06/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Hungary10/06/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Denmark10/06/202105/07/2021High pathogenicity avian influenzaCountryNot Active
Ukraine28/05/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Finland12/05/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Belgium29/04/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
New Zealand17/04/2021Brucella abortus (PDF)CountryActive
Colombia31/03/2021Newcastle Disease (PDF)CountryActive
Ireland15/03/2021Avian influenza in poultry (PDF)CountryActive
Syria01/03/202130/04/2021Equine Disease Free Zone (PDF)ZoneTemporary
Indonesia29/01/2021High pathogenicity avian influenza (PDF)CompartmentActive
Spain21/12/2020Bluetongue (PDF)ZoneActive
Egypt09/11/2020 Glanders (PDF)CountryActive
Egypt08/11/2020 Dourine (PDF)CountryActive
New Zealand08/10/2020 Theileria equi (PDF)CountryActive
Belgium01/10/2020 African swine fever (PDF)CountryActive
Kuwait17/09/2020 Glanders (PDF)CountryActive
Hungary08/09/2020 11/01/2021Avian influenza in poultryCountryNot Active
Korea (Rep. of)01/08/2020 Infection with Gyrodactylus salaris (PDF)CountryActive
Germany01/07/2020 10/11/2020Avian InfluenzaCountryNot Active
United Kingdom13/06/202010/11/2020Avian InfluenzaCountryNot Active
Czech Republic12/06/202020/01/2021Avian InfluenzaCountryNot Active
Denmark04/05/202015/11/2020Avian influenzaCountryNot Active
Chile26/03/2020 Avian Influenza in poultry (PDF)CountryActive
Peru31/01/2020Infection with infectious myonecrosis virus (PDF)CountryActive
Peru31/01/2020Infection with yellow head virus genotype1 (PDF)CountryActive
Bolivia30/01/2020Avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Panama01/01/202029/06/2021New world screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax)ZoneNot Active
Romania01/01/2020 Brucellosis in bovids (PDF)CountryActive
Croatia01/01/202015/10/2020BluetongueCountryNot Active
Switzerland30/09/2019Newcastle Disease (PDF)CountryActive
Korea (Rep. of)01/09/2019Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus (PDF)CountryActive
Ecuador01/08/2019Highly pathogenic avian influenza (PDF)CountryActive
Japan01/08/201931/08/2019Equine Disease Free Zone (PDF)ZoneTemporary
Canada03/07/2019African swine fever (PDF)CountryActive
Mexico02/07/2019Dourine (PDF)CountryActive
Mexico29/05/2019Glanders (PDF)CountryActive
Mexico15/05/2019New world screw-worm (cochliomyia hominivorax) and Old world screw-worm (chrysomya bezzania) (PDF)CountryActive
Russia21/05/201911/08/2020Highly pathogenic avian influenzaCountryNot Active
Mexico23/04/201923/07/2020Pullorum disease and fowl thypoïd in poultryCountryNot Active
Czech Republic19/04/2019African swine fever (PDF)CountryActive
Italy24/03/201922/01/2021Highly pathogenic avian influenzaCountryNot Active
Italy20/03/2019Swine Vesicular Disease (PDF)CountryActive
Austria05/02/2019Bluetongue (PDF)CountryActive
Estonia19/09/2018African swine fever (PDF)CountryActive
Egypt21/05/2018 and 01/12/2020Highly pathogenic avian influenza (PDF)CompartmentActive