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Competencies of graduating veterinarians

Veterinary education for global animal and public health
Scientific and Technical Review 28 (2)

Author(s) : D.A. Walsh; Ed.: 2009

Summary :
This OIE Review is devoted to the improvement of student education in global animal and public health, and all its numerous facets, in every veterinary faculty in the world. Its content will be of interest to all those involved in veterinary medicine. This set of 49 papers is devoted to defining the animal and public health education that every veterinary student in the world should receive, irrespective of their intended career path and whether or not they will be directly working within the field of veterinary public health. Other papers are devoted to the question of how this education can be achieved within an already packed curriculum.

Evolving veterinary education for a safer world

Author(s) : OIE; Ed. 2011

Summary :
World Deans and Directors of veterinary training institutions and key national veterinary education policy makers, now speaking with one voice, have provided great collaborative work for the making of the first global recommendations on veterinary education.
Proceedings of the First OIE Global Conference, OIE Headquarters, Paris, France

Veterinary EducationCore Curriculum -OIE Guidelines-



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