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Day 1 – Wednesday 27 June 2012
Part 1
Scientific and Technical Sessions
Session 1
Review of global Foot and Mouth Disease situation;
Introduction to the PCP
Chair: T. Chaosuancharoen (Thailand)
Co-chair: F. Le Gall (World Bank)
Rapporteur: W. Vosloo (AAHL, Australia)
Setting the scene    J. Lubroth (FAO)
Analysis of worldwide FMD situation, trends and ----------J. Hammond (IAH, UK )
regional differences
Wildlife and Foot and Mouth Disease   B. Karesh (EcoHealth Alliance, USA/OIE Working Group for Wildlife Diseases)
Progressive Control Pathway (PCP) for FMD   K. Sumption (EuFMD)
Session 2
Presentation of the Tools to implement in the Global FMD Control Strategy Chair: G. Khoury (FAO)
Co-chair: J. Clifford ( USA)
Rapporteur: K. de Clercq (Coda-Cerva, Belgium)
PVS pathway   A. Dehove (OIE)
OIE endorsement of FMD control programs and--------- ---G. Bruckner (President SCAD OIE)
recognition of disease-free statuses
Session 3
Maintaining FMD-free status and providing evidence Chair: C. Correa Messuti (Uruguay)
Co-chair: G. Murray (OIE)
Rapporteur: D. Geale (CFIA, Canada)

Maintaining FMD free status:
The European experience A.Füssel (EC)
The South American experience G. Marques (Brazil)
The South African experience (including vaccination and wildlife issue) M. Letshwenyo (Botswana)
FMD surveillance: general principles and approaches under different epidemiological situations C. Zepeda (USA)
Day 2 – Thursday 28 June 2012
Session 4

Key elements in the prevention and control of FMD and in implementing the Strategy Chair: A. Füssel (EC)
Co-chair: T. Kawashima ( Japan)
Rapporteur: J. Hammond (IAH, UK)

Diagnostic tools

W. Vosloo (AAHL, Australia)

International and regional reference labs and networks

S. Metwally (FAO)
Types, quality control, matching, supply A. Donaldson (UK)
Vaccine use and vaccination strategies M. Lombard (France)

Ongoing research and future needs
K. de Clercq (Coda-Cerva, Belgium)
Experience on Foot and Mouth Disease Control in ThailandT. Chaosuancharoen (Thailand)
Part 2 National and International Commitment and Support Sessions
Session 5
The FMD virus pools and the regional programmes Chair: Representative ASEAN
Co-chair: Representative SAARC
Rapporteur: K. Sumption (EuFMD)
Virus pool 1 - South East and East Asia   R. Abila (OIE)
Virus pool 2 - South Asia   S. Morzaria (FAO)
Virus pool 3 – Eurasia/Middle East   H. Askaroglu (Turkey)
North Africa   J. Berrada (Morocco)
Session 6
The FMD virus pools and the regional programs (continued) Chair: A. El Sawalhy (AU-IBAR)
Co-chair: G. Halze (Peru)
Rapporteur: M. Letshwenyo (Botswana)
Virus pool 4 - East Africa   S. Wekesa (FMD lab, Kenya)
Virus pool 5 - West and Central Africa    K. Tounkara (PANVAC)
Virus pool 6 – Southern Africa   M. Mulumba (SADC)
Virus pool 7 – South America   O. Cosivi (Panaftosa/PAHO)
FMD portfolio review   N. Leboucq (joint FAO/OIE WG)
Day 3 – Friday 29 June 2012
Session 7
Global FMD Control Strategy, socio-economic rationale and implementation costs Chair: J. Lubroth (FAO)
Co-chair: Representative India
Rapporteur: G. Bruckner (South Africa)
Socio-economic aspects of FMD   J. Rushton (RVC, UK)
The Global FMD Control Strategy   J. Domenech (joint FAO/OIE FMD-WG)
The Initial Cost Estimate of the first 5 years of the Global FAO/OIE Strategy for the Control of FMD F. Le Gall (World Bank)
Session 8 Views of countries, Regional Organizations, donors, industry and NGO’s Chair: B. Vallat (OIE)
Co-chair: Representative China
Rapporteur: S. Morzaria (FAO)
Session 9 Conclusions of the Conference Chaired by J. Lubroth (FAO) and B. Vallat (OIE)
Rapporteur: N. Leboucq (OIE)