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FAO/OIE Publications

Qualitative risk assessment of the spread of foot and mouth disease by international trade in deboned beef, Technical Series Vol. 11

Author(s) : D.J. Paton, M. Sinclair & R. Rodríguez; Ed. 2011
Deboning beef is one of the main measures taken to mitigate the risk of the spread of foot and mouth disease. This timely publication provides a detailed and comprehensive guide to all aspects of this trade.

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Foot and mouth disease: facing the new dilemmas Scientific and Technical Review 21 (3)

Author(s) : G.R. Thomson; Ed.: 2002
This authoritative new international manual brings together 42 contributions by eminent international authorities on the major questions of what can be done in the future to handle this highly contagious virus infection more effectively... AASV.

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