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Day 1: Tuesday 28 June 2011
Opening Session

Keynote address: Objectives and Expectations for the Conference

Dr Bernard Vallat  


Session 1: The current state of play: aquatic animal health programmes globally and regionally

Objectives: to describe aquatic animal health programmes and issues globally and regionally
Aquatic animal health programmes include: disease diagnosis, surveillance and notification; disease prevention and control; sanitary measures and health certification of aquatic animals and their products; food safety; control of veterinary products; farmed fish welfare; and the role and education of veterinarians and aquatic animal health professionals in the aquaculture sector.

Contribution of aquaculture to food security globally
Dr Modadugu Gupta
Aquaculture – Trade Issues
Dr Sarah Kahn
Head – OIE International Trade Department

OIE Aquatic animal health standards
Dr Barry Hill
President of the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission
    Health standards: commodity based approach Dr Franck Berthe
Secretary General
OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission
    Aquatic Animal Disease Reporting – Ensuring Transparency Dr Karim Ben Jebara
Head -OIE Animal Health Information Department
    Aquaculture and issues of sustainability Dr Francis Murray
University of Stirling
United Kingdom
    Regional issues – Africa Prof Eli Katunguka-Rwakishaya,
Director, School of Graduate Studies, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

    Regional issues – Asia Pacific Prof CV Mohan,
Research & Development Manager, Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA)

    Regional issues – Americas Dr Victor Vidal Martinez
Member - OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission and Inter-American Aquatic Animal Health Committee
    Aquatic animal feed: challenges and opportunities Mr Umberto Luzzana
Marketing & Product Manager

    Laboratory issues - disease, diagnosis and global trends Dr Fred Kibenge
OIE Reference Laboratory expert
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Day 2: Wednesday 29 June 2011

The current state of play: international and national challenges and opportunities

Objectives: to present international and national perspectives and experiences (positive and negative) on the implementation of OIE standards for aquatic animal health.

Global health issues – fish
Dr Ricardo Enriquez,
Vice President, OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission

Global health issues – crustaceans
Dr Don Lightner
OIE Reference Laboratory expert, University of Arizona, USA
Global health issues – molluscs
Ryan Blaise Carnegie,
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA

    Global health issues – amphibians Ms Lisa Schloegel
Consultant Research Scientist
EcoHealth Alliance, USA

    Food safety and aquatic animals Dr Lahsen Ababouch
Fisheries and Aquaculture Department - FAO
Public sector perspectives and experiences (1)
Dr Manuel Antonio González Cano
OIE Delegate for Panama
Public sector perspectives and experiences (2)
Dr Le Van Khoa
Division of Aquatic Animal Health Management
Department of Animal Health. Vietnam
Public sector perspectives and experiences (3)
Dr Jean-Luc Angot
OIE Delegate for France
Public sector perspectives and experiences (4)
Dr Florencia A. Massango Cipriano
OIE Delegate for Mozambique
Solutions and tools to improve aquatic animal health
OIE PVS Tool and aquatic animals
Dr Keren Bar-Yaacov
OIE Delegate for Norway
Australia’s experience in the use of the OIE PVS Tool to improve aquatic animal health
Dr Geoff Grossel
Biosecurity Australia
Professional education and aquatic animal health
Dr Ron DeHaven
Chair OIE ad hoc group on Veterinary Education
Afternoon Break tea / Coffee
Veterinary products and aquatic animals
Dr Peter Smith
Chair OIE ad hoc Group on the responsible use of Antimicrobials in Aquatic Animals
    Biotechnology advances in pathogen detection and disease prevention Dr Serge Corbeil
CSIRO, Australian Animal Health Laboratory
    Preventing the risks of invasive species in aquaculture Dr Chris McKindsey
Chair of the ICES Working Group on Environmental Interactions of Mariculture
Day 3: Thursday 30 June 2011

Capacity building for aquatic animal health services
Objectives: define needs for capacity building to support strengthening of aquatic animal health services

OIE focal point concept and capacity building activities
Dr Mara Elma Gonzalez Ortiz
Deputy Head, OIE Regional Activities Department
FAO capacity building activities in aquatic animal health
Dr Rohana Subasinghe
Senior Fishery Resources Officer (Aquaculture)
Donors’ perspectives – EU
Ms Sigrid Cabot
European Commission (DG SANCO)
    Donors’ perspectives – Canada Dr Tianna MacInnes
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Perspectives of a regional organisation
Dr Chumnarn Pongsri, Secretary-General
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)
Challenges and tools needed to ensure good governance - the Philippines’ experience with the OIE PVS Pathway
Dr Emelinda Lopez
Animal Health Division
Bureau of Animal Industry, Philippines