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General objective:

To encourage and to support the implementation of OIE animal welfare standards by Member Countries, with particular attention to strategies and implementation tools, the conference will highlight how the improvement of animal welfare legislation, the potential inclusion of OIE standards in the negotiation of bilateral agreements on trade covering animals and products of animal origin, and the development of strong partnerships with relevant stakeholders, have facilitated effective implementation tools at the national level.
The conference also aims to raise the profile of the OIE animal welfare standards in general, and to encourage Veterinary Services and the veterinary profession to take a lead role in improving animal welfare worldwide, in collaboration with the relevant partners.

Specific objectives :

•  to improve the implementation of OIE animal welfare standards worldwide, notably in developing countries, by recognising and learning from successful initiatives;
•  to stimulate discussion between OIE national Delegates, animal welfare focal points and other stakeholders;
•  to overcome the challenges to effective implementation of the OIE animal welfare standards everywhere;
•  to highlight the roles and responsibilities that national Veterinary Services may take in the successful implementation of the OIE animal welfare standards;
•  to strengthen the OIE Partnership with other animal welfare stakeholders by recognising the contributions decision makers, donors and the general community can make to programmes aimed at improving animal welfare and OIE animal welfare standard implementation;
•  to discuss the future development of animal welfare science to support the design and update of OIE animal welfare standards and their implementation;
•  to discuss, on the basis of the existing standards and guidelines and experiences and on the outcomes of the regional animal welfare strategies already implemented, a global strategy for animal welfare proposal.