25th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission For Asia , the Far East And Oceania (inglés)

Queenstown, ( New Zealand ), 27-30 November 2007

Queenstown, November 30 2007 – The 25th Conference of the Regional Commission for Asia , the Far East and Oceania of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) was held in Queenstown, ( New Zealand ) from 27 to 30 November 2007 .

The Conference was chaired by Dr Barry O’Neil, the OIE Delegate for New Zealand and President of the OIE International Committee. Honourable Jim Anderton, Minister for Biosecurity and Agriculture of New Zealand , Dr Bernard Vallat, the Director General of the OIE, Delegates of OIE Members, representatives of international and regional organisations and observers attended the Conference.

In his welcome address, Dr Barry O’Neil stated that it was a great personal satisfaction for him as President of the OIE International Committee to host the Regional Conference in his country. He emphasised the importance of countries working together to stop serious animal diseases from spreading in the region and the rest of the world and commended South East Asian countries on their goal to eliminate foot and mouth disease from their region by 2020.

The Minister for Biosecurity and Agriculture of New Zealand commended the role of the OIE in the international control of animal diseases and the facilitation of international trade of animals and animal products and thanked the OIE for the support provided to countries of the region. Acknowledging the significant achievements of the OIE over the years, he said: “the success of New Zealand and that of the OIE are linked as New Zealand shares the OIE objectives relating to transparency, scientific information, international solidarity and the promotion of Veterinary Services, food safety and animal welfare”.

Two technical items were discussed during the Conference namely:

Emerging and re-emerging animal diseases in the region with special emphasis on porcine epidemic diarrhoea.

Poultry production food safety in Asia .

Addressing the issue of infectious diseases including those transmissible to humans, Dr Vallat reminded that more than 75% of human diseases recorded over the past two decades have been traced to an animal source. He added that “Members of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia , the Far East and Oceania have by far the largest livestock population of the world and with the lives of millions of farmers and poor livestock keepers being so intimately linked with those of their livestock, there is every reason to be vigilant about animal diseases. Prevention and control of animal diseases are key policies for poverty alleviation”. Dr Vallat commented on the frontline role played by Veterinary Services in the control of animal diseases which are likely to become more frequent due to climate change and globalisation of the movements of goods and services.

The OIE Regional Commission expressed its gratitude to the support provided by the OIE to Members of the Region and strongly supported the actions being undertaken by the OIE to promote the control of animal diseases and zoonoses world-wide and in the region.

Dr Bernard Vallat, warmly thanked the Government of New Zealand for kindly hosting and supporting the Regional Conference and all participants for their valuable contributions to the outcome of the conference.

All recommendations adopted by the conference will be submitted for consideration and adoption during the next OIE General Assembly, in May 2008.