Documentation Centre

The OIE Documentation Centre was created in the early 1990s with the view to gathering together OIE publications and working documents in order to make them more readily available to all of the staff at the Central Bureau, as well as to Delegates and the many visitors to the Paris headquarters. The collection, which is very complete, can be accessed through a database where all documents have been analysed and indexed using a bilingual thesaurus designed specifically for the purposes of the OIE Documentation Centre.The collection is composed of most of the official OIE publications produced since its creation in 1924, all of the resolutions and recommendations adopted by the International Committee, as well as internal documents having a restricted circulation, such as working papers and material pertaining to the history of the OIE.An important part of the collection also consists of topical documents, compiled daily, as well as scientific and technical publications, received from collaborating organisations that are pertinent to the activities of the OIE.A large number of documents have been scanned or electronically formatted and are consultable on-line in the Centre’s database – Alexandrie.In addition to the collection of documents of interest to or concerning the OIE, the Documentation Centre offers a bibliographic research service and support to Member Countries and collaborating organisations by locating books, articles, conference proceedings, meeting reports and all other publications linked to OIE activities.People who are looking for documents may make a request to the documentalist in the following fields:

 All the monographs published by the OIE 
 All OIE periodical publications, including:

 Reports published in the OIE Bulletin since its creation (1927) 
 Articles from the Scientific and Technical Review since its creation (1981) 
 OIE Animal health standards 
 Technical Items presented to the International Committee

 General Sessions Reports 
 Resolutions and recommendations adopted by Regional Commissions and the International Committee since 1924 
 Reports from the various Specialist Commissions, Working Groups and Ad hoc Groups 
 Activity reports from Collaborating Centres and Reference Laboratories 
 Conference Proceedings, Seminars, Workshops, Consultations, Training Courses, Missions and Meetings officially or unofficially organised by the OIE or together with other Organisations 
 Annual Reports from Member Countries 
 Documents from Regional Representations. 

Contact : Aline Rousier – Head of OIE Documentation Cell
[email protected]