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The conference will have a technical component and a national and international commitment and support session with the participation of Ministers, high-level officials of national Veterinary Services, private veterinary practitioners, and representatives of governmental, non-governmental and regional organizations, scientists and multilateral and bilateral funding partners. This Global Conference will also be open to all other participants who are interested in the topic. A high level of participation at this 3-day meeting is expected, with about 400 participants from more than 120 countries.

Experts will present an analysis of the global FMD situation, the socio-economic impact of the disease, the progress achieved with existing regional FMD control initiatives and ‘state of the art’ overviews regarding control and prevention methods, vaccines, diagnostic methods and current research. This will be followed by presentation of the Global FMD Control Strategy, the tools and methods it will employ and the gaps and needs that should be addressed to achieve sustainable progress. The budget required to implement the strategy during the first five years will also be presented. Donors and representatives of FMD-free and FMD-affected countries and regions will have an opportunity to present their views.

All these aspects will be presented by a selection of globally recognized experts and discussed by all participants

The recommendations and political support arising from this Conference will notably help to persuade of the benefit of funding global FMD prevention and control programmes, especially in developing countries having endemic FMD status at present. and to implement the Global FMD Control Strategy at the national, regional and international levels.

The draft programme and all information about the conference are available at: http://www.oie.int/eng/A_FMD2012/background.html and the following URL: http://www.fmdconference2012.com

Presentation will be made using one of the three official languages of the OIE (English, French, Spanish).

Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish will be provided throughout the conference.

We are confident that your participation in this conference will lead to highly visible information to all participants, including key global, regional or national private and public decision-makers, about your company’s activities and products in particular vaccines and diagnostic kits which represent major tools for FMD control.

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the success of this event.

This conference will be very attractive because it is the first time that such a conference will define a new global strategy for global control of FMD with the support of all stakeholders and potential donors.

The exhibition area will be held in conjunction with the Conference.

Approximately 400 participants from more than 120 countries around the world are expected to attend this important event, including:

  • Ministers from relevant countries
  • OIE National Delegates (all CVO of their country), Directors of Animal Production and other national government representatives
  • Representatives of international organisations (such as FAO, WHO, …) and regional organisations
  • Representatives of animal owners, Non Governmental organisations (NGOs), industry and agricultural producer organisations
  • Global Donor Organisations (such as World Bank, European Commission, Japan, USA, …)

Sponsorship Opportunities

A) Contributions above US Dollars 10,000 - Entitlements include:

  • Right to insert leaflets on a table near the registration area,
  • One complimentary poster – format 1.20 high x 0.90 wide - in the exhibition area,
  • One complimentary registration which includes the conference materials, coffee breaks and an invitation to the welcome reception,
  • The logo of your company will be displayed on the auditorium screen during the breaks,

B) Contributions above US Dollars 15,000 - Entitlements include:

  • One complimentary exhibition stand. (Booths are 2 meters deep and 3 meters wide. Standard equipment includes walls, a company name banner, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 electrical outlet),
  • Right to insert leaflets in the Conference bag,
  • Three complimentary registrations which include the conference materials, coffee breaks and three invitations to the welcome reception.,
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship on the working document and proceedings,
  • The logo of your company will be displayed on the auditorium screen during the breaks,

C) Contributions above US Dollars 20,000 - Entitlements include:

  • One complimentary bigger exhibition stand. (Booths are 3 meters deep and 5 meters wide. Standard equipment includes walls, a company name banner, 2 tables, 4 chairs, 1 electrical outlet, Wifi access),
  • Right to insert leaflets in the Conference bag,
  • Four complimentary registrations which include the conference materials, coffee breaks, working lunches and four invitations to the welcome reception,
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship on the working document and proceedings, the logo of your company will be displayed on the auditorium screen during the breaks,

D) Customised sponsorship

A lternatively, sponsors who wish to have their names associated to the event or the distribution of items during the conference are welcome to contact the organising committee. We will be happy to discuss the most suitable option for you.

Rules for Sponsorship Opportunities

Please feel free to send your sponsorship proposal with the enclosed application form available to download on this Web page, to the conference secretariat (email: i.arias@oie.int with copy to d.chaisemartin@oie.int ) with the following information:

  • A summary of the technical and financial activities carried out for the last 3 years and the international field of action of your company.
  • The acceptance of the OIE sponsorship policy:
    • No publicity is allowed at the main entrance of the auditorium or common areas.
    • The name and logo of your company can be included in the acknowledgement of the abstract book (inside page) and could be displayed on the screen during the breaks.
    • A maximum of 8 leaflets can be inserted in the Conference bag. If we have more than 8 requests, the Committee will choose which leaflet can be inserted in the Conference bag (one of the most important criteria is the amount of the contribution) and which leaflet can be put on the table near the registration area.
    • The leaflets should be sent to the OIE in electronic version for the approval of the organising Committee.
    • Conference bags can be sponsored; however the name and logo of the company can only be printed in the interior of the bag.

Note: The abstract book will be delivered to all the participants of the conference.

Your sponsorship proposal will be analysed by the Conference Committee and the Head of the OIE administrative, logistics and publications department will give you the response to your proposal.

For more information regarding these sponsorship opportunities, please contact the conference secretariat:

Ingrid Arias
Conference coordinator
Administrative, Logistics and Publications Department
OIE, 12 rue de Prony, 75017 Paris, France
Phone number: +33 (0) 1 44 15 18 88
E-mail: i.arias@oie.int