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Keynote presentation – Updating Animal Welfare Thinking: ‘Freedoms’, ‘Provisions’, aligned with ‘Welfare Aims’ and ‘Lives Worth Living’
David Mellor
Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre
New Zealand
Follow up on the recommendations of the Kuala Lumpur Conference (including remembering David Bayvel’s contribution)
Matthew Stone
OIE Deputy Director General "International Standards and Science"
OIE – ISO collaboration : ISO/TS 34700, a new ISO standard on animal welfare for the food supply chain, based on the OIE Terrestrial Cod
Sandrine Espeillac
Secretary ISO/TC34 Food product

What is 'One Welfare'

David Fraser

University of British Columbia, Canada

Public attitudes and the understanding of animal welfare standards:
could One Welfare help?

Mara Miele

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

One welfare: Looking for sustainable animal production systems

Francisco Galindo

OIE Collaborating Centre on Animal Welfare and Livestock Production Systems

Livestock producers as promoters of animal
welfare standards

Geoff Kingwill
International Wool Textile Organisation

Integrating the welfare interests of humans and animals

Steve McIvor
World Animal Protection
United Kingdom

From regulation to production or from public
to private standard

Quincy Lissaur
Safe Supply of Affordable Food Everywhere (SSAFE)

Regional animal welfare strategies and platforms
– lessons learned from the first regional animal welfare strategy
for Asia, the Far East and Oceania

Kate Littin
Asia, Far East and Oceania Regional Animal Welfare Strategy Advisory Group

Implementing OIE animal welfare standards
through a National Animal Welfare Strategy,
the Malaysian case

Marzuna Binti MD. Yunus
Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia

Multi-stakeholder partnership with the OIE to
promote the welfare of working equids

Emmanuel Sarr
The Brooke West Africa office in Senegal

The role of Veterinarians in animal welfare and
intersectorial collaboration

María Nelly Cajiao
World Veterinary Association

The role of the OIE animal welfare standards
in bilateral agreements

Miguel Peña
Agriculture and Livestock Service(SAG)

Animal welfare considerations in funding livestock
development projects 

Robert John Hatton
International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Use of outcome based measures and design
based measures.

Xavier Manteca
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona Spain

Animal welfare assessment through
smartphone applications. Challenges and opportunities.

Elisabetta Canali
University of Milan, Italy

Technological innovation in animal welfare at the time of killing
for the implementation of OIE standards

Rebeca Garcia
Animal and Plant Health Agency United Kingdom

Innovations and technologies for supporting responsible ownership
of pets

Kate Atema
International Companion Animal
Management Coalition (ICAM)

How technologies can improve the welfare of transported animals

Clive Phillips
Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics

New tools for assessing the welfare of animals
used in research 

Lida Anestidou
OIE Collaborating Centre on Laboratory Animal Welfare and Science United States

Animal Welfare Considerations in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Raúl Salazar
Regional office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) in the Americas, Panama
Veterinary Services response to a natural disaster; 2016 Central Italy earthquake
Paolo Dalla Villa, ISZAM, OIE Animal Welfare Collaborating Centre for Europe, Italy

Grupos de trabajo

Group 1: One Welfare. Challenges and Opportunities for the implementation of the OIE animal welfare standards

Budimir Plavsic: The importance of responsible ownership for stray dog population control, the awareness campaign in the Balkans Region :

Group 2: A shared vision for One Welfare: the role of partnerships

Ahmed M Zahran: Development of animal welfare legislation; how the different stakeholders participate in the process

Group 3: Future development of animal welfare science and use of new technologies

Jeremy N. Marchant-Forde
USDA-ARS, Livestock Behavior Research Unit

Group 4: Setting the scene for future challenges of the OIE on animal welfare
Joaquín Braulio Delgadillo Álvarez: Future challenge for the OIE animal welfare standards implementation at national level

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Anestedioud Lina ILAR Resources for Animal Health and Welfare

Battini Monica

Welfare assessment on farm: what’s new?

Becerra Roberto

Design and development of an industrial equipment farm slaughter of animals with controlled atmosphere considering the OIE’s Standards

Brown Kevin

Sector collaboration supports development and implementation of the OIE standard on the welfare of working equids.

Boussini Hiver

Promoting animal welfare agenda in Africa AU-IBAR

Carlson René

The role of veterinarians in animal welfare - World Veterinary Association

Cox Janice H.

The Model Animal Welfare Act: Supporting Legislation to Implement the OIE Animal Welfare Standards

Flores Reynoso Erika

How partnering with a local NGO can lead to more sustainable and long term animal welfare in a fast growing and multicultural community in Mexico - IFAW

Gallo Carmen

Actions for the implementation of OIE animal welfare standards during transport, at slaughter and in livestock production systems in Chile

Hiby Elly

Practical guidance for monitoring and yes evaluating implementation of OIE’s Stray Dog Control Standard

Garcia Pinillos Rebeca

One Welfare- A platform for improving human and animal welfare

Nielsen Birte

The role of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) in the global development of animal welfare science and its relationship with the OIE; strength through partnership

Nyika Josphat

Strategic Partnerships Successfully Improving Donkey Welfare in Zimbabwe

Pedernera Cecilia

Walking the talk: taking OIE guidelines into slaughterhouses

Prieto Laport Malvina

Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Profession Field

Ruiz Albaran Miguel

Bioethics and Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Faculty of Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, México

Shields Sara

Partnerships and implementation: the International Coalition for Animal Welfare _ICFAW

Tadich Tamara

Establishment of a partnership as a means of transferring animal welfare standards into dairy farms in Chile

Tadich Tamara

Actions for the Implementation of the Welfare of Working Equids OIE Strategy in Chile

Taylor Preciado Juan de Jesus

Inclusion of Animal welfare topics in curricula of Veterinary Medicine colleges of Latin America.

Undy Lorna

Effective data collection for animal welfare and international development: a case study with Balinese cattle

Webster Jim

Collaborative science activities at the Centre for Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis; the David Bayvel Consortium.

Zapata Beatriz

Environmental enrichment for confined pigs: applying animal welfare science to improve animal production

Zobel Gosia

Allowing goats to be goats: achieving “naturalness” in farm systems

Zuliani Anna

Survey of dairy cattle welfare in transhumant mountain farming systems of the Eastern Alps


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