List of Collaborating Centres

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Animal Disease Surveillance Systems, Risk Analysis and Epidemiological Modelling

Animal Feed Safety and Analysis

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare and Livestock Production Systems

Animal Welfare Science and Bioethical Analysis; the David Bayvel Consortium comprises:

Bee Health in Africa

Biological Threat Reduction

Biotechnology-based Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Veterinary Medicine

Day-One Veterinary Competencies and Continuing Education

Detection and Identification in Humans of Emerging Animal Pathogens and Development of Tools for their Diagnoses

Development and Production of Vaccines, Pharmaceutical Products and Veterinary Diagnostic Systems using Biotechnology

Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases and Related Veterinary Product Assessment in Asia

Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia

Diagnosis of Animal Diseases and Vaccine Evaluation in the Americas

Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Control of Animal Diseases in Tropical Regions

Diagnostic Test Validation Science in the Asia-Pacific Region

Diseases at the Animal/Human Interface

ELISA and Molecular Techniques in Animal Disease Diagnosis

Emerging and Re-Emerging Zoonotic Diseases

Emerging Aquatic Animal Diseases

Epidemiology and Risk Assessment of Aquatic Animal Diseases

Epidemiology, Training and Control of Emerging Avian Diseases

Food Safety

Food Safety, Diagnosis and Control of Animal Diseases in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia

Food-Borne Parasites from the Asia-Pacific Region

Food-Borne Zoonotic Parasites

Food-Borne Zoonotic Parasites from the European Region

Health of Marine Mammals

Infectious Reproductive Diseases in Europe

Laboratory Animal Welfare and Science

Laboratory Biorisk Management

Laboratory Capacity Building

New and Emerging Diseases

Quality Control of Veterinary Vaccines

Reduction of the Risk of Disasters in Animal Health

Research and control of emerging and re-emerging swine diseases in Europe

Research on Emerging Avian Diseases

Research, Diagnosis and Surveillance of Wildlife Pathogens

Risk Analysis and Modelling

Surveillance and Control of Animal Diseases in Africa

Surveillance and Control of Animal Protozoan Diseases

Training in Integrated Livestock and Wildlife Health and Management

Training of Official Veterinarians

Training of official veterinarians, diagnosis of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses, and control of veterinary drugs in West and Central Africa

Training of Veterinary Services

Validation, Quality Assessment and Quality Control of Diagnostic Assays and Vaccine for Vesicular Diseases in Europe

Veterinary Biologicals Biobank

Veterinary Drug Regulatory Programmes

Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health

Veterinary Medicinal Products

Veterinary Public Health

Veterinary Services Capacity Building (Americas)

Veterinary Services Capacity Building (Asia, the Far East and Oceania)

Veterinary Training, Epidemiology and Food Safety

Viral Genomics and Bioinformatics

Zoonoses in Europe

Zoonoses of Asia-Pacific