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The OIE organised its second photo competition in 2016 in a bid to highlight the key role played by veterinarians regarding animal welfare to promote the implementation of OIE welfare standards.

The objective was therefore to show through artistic delivery and photographic creativity, the work carried out by animal welfare players, in particular by Veterinary services both in their public and private components, to promote and protect animal welfare worldwide.

This year the competition was open to the OIE Global Network and full-time veterinary students enrolled in any of the faculties of veterinary medicine of OIE Member Countries during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Winning photos


OIE Global Network

The jury chose the photo, “Disease surveillance” from Dr Christo Labuschagne, Community State Veterinarian from the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) - Section Veterinary Services in South Africa. The photo was taken during a vaccination and primary animal health care campaign at Kekana Township in the Northern Gauteng area when veterinarians in the area decided to celebrate World Veterinary Week rather than limit it to World Veterinary Day. In the photo a Laboratory Technician was taking a blood sample from a dog to test for Babesia in the area.


Dr Labuschagne affirmed his delight with the competition, stating that “ultimately it brings the veterinary professions from across the world together by allowing [them] to view veterinary medicine from various aspects and new perspectives…reminding [them] of why[they] became vets in the first place.”

Dr Christo Labuschagne

Veterinary Students

Unfortunately no complete entry was received from veterinary students from the region.


OIE Global Network

The winning photo, “Thank you for travelling with us, it was a pleasure serving you” belonged to Engineer Miguel Espinosa, Agricultural Engineer in the National Health, Food Safety and Food Quality Service (SENASICA) in Mexico. His photo depicts personnel from the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA) who work in partnership with SENASICA, carrying out a physical inspection of day-old chicks from the United States on a charter plane, complying with OIE welfare standards concerning transport of animals by air.  

  Eng. Miguel Espinosa

Veterinary students


The photo, ‘A special bond between a student and a teaching animal’ submitted by Ms Ginger Hobgood, a third year veterinary student at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the USA was voted the best for the region. Every year, the NSCU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is open to the public to tour and learn about veterinary medicine. Odette, the cow, is often used to teach the public how to take care of cows. The picture shows a special relationship shared between Odette and Danielle who have been working together for four years in student learning experiences, milking booths, and even in local news events. 

Ms Ginger Hobgood


OIE Global Network

The judges awarded the winning prize to “First step”, from Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar, Virologist in the State Central Veterinary Laboratory of the Mongolian Ministry of Industry and Agriculture.  The photo shows a newly born calf on a small farm located outside of Ulaanbaatar, with a belt to protect it from hypothermia in compliance with OIE welfare standards. 

  Dr Ulaankhuu Ankhanbaatar

Veterinary students

The photo “Stray. Non-stop bleeding. Saved him and gave him a chance”, was submitted by Ms Chayada Piantham, a fourth year veterinary student at Kasetsart University in Thailand. She came across this stray dog which had been bleeding uncontrollably through the nostrils for a week, and took him to the university’s veterinary hospital. He was diagnosed with blood parasitic infection, inducing coagulopathy. In the picture, he was taking his last prescribed antibiotics for blood parasitic infection, which induced coagulopathy. Ms Piantham continually checked on him for a week:  her actions saved the dog and she made a new friend.

Ms Chayada Piantham


OIE Global Network

The winner, Dr Jorge Bacelar, a Veterinarian at Proleite in Murtosa, Portugal noted that “the important role that has been played by OIE in the implementation of animal welfare standards [was] successfully captured by the worldwide photographers entering the 2016 OIE Photo Competition.” 

He further remarked that the “the respect for animal can be undoubtedly shown in a photo, where you can see the animal reaction to his treater." In this photo, “Complicity and mutual affection” the undeniable close relationship between this local farmer from Murtosa who spends a lot of time with his goats , taking care of them and talking to them,  is clearly captured.

  Dr Jorge Bacelar

Veterinary students

The judges awarded the winning prize to “Antibodies in milk form”, submitted by  Ms Filpa Trigo da Roza, a final year Masters student in veterinary medicine from the University of Lisbon in Portugal. She was delighted that this year the competition was open to veterinary students as she managed to combine her love for photography and animals. In the photo a newly born calf, whose birth she had participated in is being fed milk.  

Ms Fiilpa Trigo da Roza


OIE Global Network 

The winning photo, “No comment” which depicts goats in the Zagros Mountains in Uraman was submitted by Mr Mozafar Sarmasti, Head of the Public Relations Department in the Kurdistan Veterinary Office in Iran. He found the competition to be an interesting initiative that supports a new generation of photography. 

Mr Mozafar Sarmasti


An experienced jury in photography and animal welfare was elected to choose the best photo per region under strict conditions, and as per the requirements detailed in the rules of the competition.    







  •   Leopoldo STUARDO,

    OIE Project Officer and


The selection process was organized in a totally anonymous way to ensure equal opportunities for all participants.


The OIE congratulates all the participants, and encourages them to keep their cameras nearby as plans are underway to prepare the 2017 edition!


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