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28th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania

Cebu (Philippines, 18-22 November 2013)

22 November 2013 – The 28th Conference of the Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) was held in Cebu (Philippines) from 18 to 22 November 2013 in collaboration with the Bureau of Animal Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries of Philippines. The opening ceremony took place under the presence of the Philippines federal and local Authorities.

Dr Karin Schwabenbauer, President of the OIE, Dr Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE, the Delegates of Member Countries of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania, representatives of international and regional organisations and numerous observers also participated in the Conference.

On behalf of the OIE Member Countries, the President and the Director General of the OIE warmly thanked the Government of Philippines for having decided to maintain the Conference despite the terrible conditions linked to the consequences of the typhoon and expressed the solidarity of all OIE Member Countries to the Philippines people. They also stated that the OIE event was a signal on the importance of restarting normal activities in the country after the disaster.

The Conference began with an overview of the activities of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania followed by an overview of the activities of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania and the activities of the OIE Regional and Sub-Regional Representations located in the Region.

The participants to the Conference discussed several key issues of great interest for all Member Countries of the Region particularly for their Veterinary Services, with a focus on:

  • Animal welfare, including the regional strategy for the right implementation of OIE standards, as well as the implementation by the OIE of programmes directed to national trainers in charge of training slaughterhouse workers and animal handlers workers.
  • The improvement of the participation of all Member Countries of the Region to OIE standard-setting activities in the field of animal diseases control and animal welfare.
  • The new global pathway for improving the transboundary movement of horses for competition, using the new concept of a subpopulation of selected horses for temporary exportations.
  • The regional activities supported by the OIE for rabies control in dogs as a very efficient programme to save many human lives.
  • The preparation of the new OIE Strategic Plan (2016-2020).

In addition, the Conference was informed in detail on the animal disease situation and its evolution in all countries of the region using the OIE WAHIS / WAHID global system, and discussed the following technical items:

  • Technical Item I: The use of cost-benefit analysis in animal disease control, including practical examples from the region.
  • Technical Item II: Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) control in the Region.

“Considering that the cost of prevention of animal diseases is by far lower than the expenses linked to disease outbreaks and sanitary crisis, it is essential to include cost-benefit analyses to Veterinary Services into planning animal disease control programmes” has recalled Dr Bernard Vallat, the OIE Director General.

The conference has been very successful. All recommendations adopted will be presented to the World Assembly of the 178 National Delegates in Paris in May 2014 for final endorsement.