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World Veterinary Day Award 2013

World Veterinary Day was instigated by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) in 2000 to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April. In 2008 the WVA and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) agreed on the creation of the World Veterinary Day Award aimed at rewarding the most successful celebration of the veterinary profession by national veterinary associations, alone, or in cooperation with any other selected veterinary body.

The winner of the 2013 Award will be announced at the opening ceremony of OIE 81st General Session to be held in Paris, France on 26 May 2013 and be invited to the World Veterinary Congress 17 - 20 September in Prague, Czech Republic where he will receive the price of 1000 US$.


The discovery of disease prevention through vaccination is one of the greatest scientific achievements. Vaccines are very valuable tools to stop the spread of a large number of transmissible diseases that threaten the health and welfare of animals and people.

Vaccination of animals helps people to protect their livestock and their companion animals, as well as themselves in case of zoonotic diseases. Through well organised campaigns, vaccination contributes to the eradication of diseases from certain areas and even from the world.

A successful vaccination campaign depends mainly on the use of high quality vaccines, appropriate infrastructure to ensure the rapid and safe delivery of vaccines, monitoring of vaccinated flocks, movement control of animals, and adequate financial resources. The veterinary profession, through effective and efficient Veterinary Services, is crucial for the success of vaccination in animal health.



World Veterinary Association member organisations that celebrate World Veterinary Day alone or in cooperation with other veterinary bodies can participate in the competition of being selected WVD award winner of the year.


The 2013 Award will reward the veterinary association who will best promote the theme "Vaccination" by involving all stakeholders in the organisation of events along with all other stakeholders such as the media and the general public.

Nomination of candidates

All fields in the application form (attached to this document) shall be properly filled out and emailed at secretariat@worldvet.org within the indicated deadline (1st May 2013).

The winner will be notified by e-mail and informed as to the logistical aspects of the award ceremony.


The following are just a few examples of activities and shall be considered as an extendable list:

  • Stage concerts or other public performances (runs, walks).
  • Mark WVD in schools with awareness building activities.
  • Involve the media by working with local newspapers to publish editorials and articles on WVD theme.
  • Broadcast radio and television discussion programs.
  • Hold seminars in universities.
  • Release studies, statistical data, surveys.
  • Celebrate the works of a notable researcher or veterinarian.
  • Run workshops and set up booths in the street to inform the general public.
  • Create a website containing general information about vaccination.
  • Promote your activities through social media.
  • Find a spokesperson.
  • Distribute promotion materials.


Download the application form.

For more information, visit our websites: www.worldvet.org / www.oie.int