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2011 - Global freedom from rinderpest

The world was officially declared free from rinderpest in 2011 in the course of the 79th OIE General Session.

Rinderpest, once the scourge of societies across Asia, Europe and Africa, is only the second infectious disease, after smallpox for humans, to have been eradicated globally thanks to decades of internationally concerted effort.

Declaration of world-freedom from rinderpest

at the 79th OIE General Session (2011)

Although the rinderpest virus no longer circulates amongst animals, the world remains vulnerable to a reoccurrence of the disease, due to virus stocks, vaccines  as well as biologic samples which may contain the virus, still stored in several premises across the world.

Therefore, OIE and FAO closely collaborate to ensure that any rinderpest virus containing material is safely kept in high-containment storage facilities.

Rinderpest remains a notifiable disease and adequate surveillance systems must be maintained for the early detection of clinical cases, should there be any accidental escape of the virus. The OIE and the FAO will ensure the permanent availability of awareness materials to raise awareness demonstrating the range of signs associated with rinderpest cases in live animals, as well as the post eradication biothreat reduction activities.

Furthermore, the OIE is currently working on strategies to make progress in the international control, over the coming years, of other worrisome diseases such as foot and mouth disease, rabies and peste des petits ruminants.

Let's make sure rinderpest stays history

In the scope of maintaining global freedom and keeping the memory of Rinderpest alive, the OIE has launched an exhaustive campaign to be implemented in its 182 Member Countries, to make sure that all actors are fully aware of rinderpest challenges. A range of tools will ensure that they know the role they still have to play in the post-eradication era: discover the campaign tools here

The keyword for this campaign is Vigilance. Because, only with the continuous vigilance of these key players, at local and national level, will we keep our world free from rinderpest


Global freedom     What is rinderpest?     Eradication programmes     Post-eradication phase      International collaboration     Media resources