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  • The South East Asia Foot and Mouth Disease Campaign was officially launched on 4 March 1998 in Bangkok (Thailand) with the opening of the Fourth Meeting of the OIE Sub-Commission for Foot and Mouth Disease by Mr Somchai Soonthornwat, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Royal Thai Government.<br/> <br/>
  • This Campaign will bring together the material, human and financial resources of seven countries of the region: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. It has been carefully prepared, for the past four years, by the Governments of these seven countries with the support of the OIE Representative for Asia and the Pacific, Dr Yoshiro Ozawa, and that of the FAO1, IAEA2 and other international organisations and bilateral aid agencies.<br/> <br/>
  • The objective of the Campaign is to coordinate the existing and future activities aiming at containing foot and mouth disease in the sub-region. The efforts will progress in three stages: strengthening of the Veterinary Services and reinforcing current activities, generalised vaccination of livestock, and epidemiosurveillance and sanitary prophylaxis. This strategy has received the approval of the governmental authorities concerned as well as that of the Campaign's Advisory Committee, which met on 3 March under the chairmanship of Dr Barry O'Neil, President of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania.<br/> <br/>
  • The programme is supported by significant financial contributions from the Governments concerned and by special contributions from Australia, Japan, Switzerland and Thailand. These efforts are justified by the considerable economic losses that foot and mouth disease causes to the countries of South East Asia: Dr Bao Ji Chen, Director of the Department of Animal Industries, Taipei China, has calculated that the foot and mouth disease epidemic that hit his country in 1997 caused the slaughter of four million pigs and a loss of 1.8 billion USD in financial losses, not counting the loss of income to breeders and pork exporters in Taipei China.<br/> <br/>
  • The coordination of the Campaign will be assured by the OIE with the participation of Dr L. Gleeson (Australia), Head of the Regional Coordination Unit, Dr Ab Kongthon (Thailand) and experts provided by the Swiss Government.



OIE, the World organisation for animal health, was created in 1924 and has its headquarters in Paris. It brings together 149 countries whose Delegates form an 'International Committee' and supports four Specialist Commissions and five Regional Commissions. Its purpose is to inform and advise the Veterinary Services of its Member Countries on the best ways to contribute to the eradication of the most dangerous diseases for animals or humans, and to determine the health standards for international trade.

Paris, 6 March 1998

(1) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

(2) International Atomic Energy Agency

Contact : Maria Zampaglione