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Organisation Mondiale de la Santé Animale

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Scientific study published by "Nature" backs-up OIE strategy on tackling emerging diseases (anglais)

Paris, 22 February - A study published by Nature (February 21st) brings scientific confirmation to the strategies and priorities long advocated by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) which, will now pursue with even more emphasis.

For the last few years, OIE messages have been on early detection and rapid response to emerging and re-emerging animal diseases, including zoonoses (diseases transmissible to humans) in order to safeguard global animal and public health.

The prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging animal diseases – linked with globalisation, climatic changes and human behaviour leading to environmental changes - can best be led by well governed Veterinary Services. Also, solidarity by richer countries toward developing countries is crucial to the development of the needed technical capacity of the latter and will benefit the entire international community.

Février 2008