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Advisory Editorial Board
Scientific and Technical Review

The board proposes topics for thematic issues of the Review, which are published twice a year (in late April and late August), and advises the Editor-in-Chief on continuous improvement of the Review’s quality and reputation, including methods of peer review.

Board members are as follows:

Prof. H.A. Aidaros (Egypt)
Dr K. Al-Qahtani (Qatar)
Dr L.O. Barcos (Argentina)
Dr P. Daniels (Australia)
Dr M. El Harrak (Morocco)
Dr G.H. Figueiredo Marques (Brazil)
Dr B.A. Lubisi (South Africa)
Dr R. Marabelli (Italy)
Prof. Dr T.C. Mettenleiter (Germany)
Dr M. Molomo (Lesotho)
Dr A. Pärtel (Estonia)
Prof. C. Saegerman (Belgium)
Dr Z. Zhongqiu (People’s Republic of China).

The Council of the OIE (equivalent to the Executive Board) is also a member of the Advisory Editorial Board.