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Country information

This section provides access to all publically available data for each country. Use the select box above to select the country of interest. Click on any of the menu options to the left to view specific data about the selected country. A short description of each of these sections is given below.

This page lists recent reports of any exceptional disease events that might be occurring in the selected country, region or group of selected countries.

The number of doses of vaccine produced, as well as the number of doses exported by country, can be examined here, as reported in the annual report.

A full report on the animal health situation of the selected country or countries. This lists every OIE-listed disease and indicates whether it has been reported as present or absent from the country in the specified time period, based on six-monthly reports.

This section shows vaccination figures for those diseases or which vaccines are available.

This report lists the numbers of veterinary and animal health personnel for the specified country, with the option to break down the figures by the type of personnel.

Is the information about a particular country up to date in WAHIS Interface. Find out here which OIE reports a specific country has submitted. By clicking on the name of the country, you can determine the reporting history of the given country.

Animal population figures are regularly updated in the annual reports. This section lists those figures as well as providing density maps.

This section shows the changing situation with all OIE-listed diseases in a specified country. It shows, by six-month period, the presence or absence of disease over a specified period.

As part of the annual report OIE-FAO-WHO, countries report the number of human cases of zoonoses. Those figures are available for each of the OIE listed zoonotic diseases, including approximate incidence estimates.

This section produces a time-series bar chart, by month, based on the received immediate notifications and follow-up reports. You can graphically analyse the number of outbreaks, and the number of animals affected, as well as compare multiple affected countries.

This section lists the key reference laboratories responsible for disease diagnoses in each reporting country, as well as a list of tests that those laboratories are able to perform.