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Event summary: Anthrax, Uganda
Start of event 17/05/2018
Confirmation 17/05/2018
Report date 18/05/2018
Submission date 18/05/2018
Reason Unexpected change or increase
This event pertains to the whole country
Number of outbreaks
Date resolved Continuing
Epidemiological comments There were sporadic rainfall patterns largely characterized by flooding, communal free rangeland grazing system, cultural orientation of the local population, poverty, consumption of dead animals and uninspected meat by veterinarians.
Uganda has submitted the following immediate notification and follow-up report (s) to OIE.

View Report Date Date submitted to OIE Report Type
Full report 18/05/2018 18/05/2018 Immediate notification
Full report 22/03/2019 22/03/2019 Follow-up Report 1