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Event summary: Foot and mouth disease, Israel
Start of event 04/02/2017
Confirmation 06/02/2017
Report date 09/02/2017
Submission date 09/02/2017
Reason Recurrence
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
Number of outbreaks 1
Date resolved 07/03/2017
Epidemiological comments The epidemiological investigation is ongoing. Samples from the Gaza strip were sent to the Kimron Veterinary Institute and the serotype has not been confirmed yet.
Israel has submitted the following immediate notification and follow-up report (s) to OIE.

View Report Date Date submitted to OIE Report Type
Full report 09/02/2017 09/02/2017 Immediate notification
Full report 20/02/2017 23/02/2017 Follow-up Report 1
Full report 08/04/2017 08/04/2017 Follow-up Report 2 (Resolved : 07/03/2017 Final report )