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Event summary: African swine fever, China (People's Rep. of)
Start of event 17/08/2018
Confirmation 30/08/2018
Report date 31/08/2018
Submission date 31/08/2018
Reason First occurrence
This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
Number of outbreaks 9
Date resolved 23/12/2018
Epidemiological comments After the first African swine fever outbreak, supervision workgroup was promptly dispatched to the Anhui Province by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Blockade, disinfection, stamping out of the animals, destruction of relevant contaminated materials and restriction of movement measures were conducted in the farm. The local government launched the African swine fever contingency plan and emergency response according to the Standard & Protocol for African swine fever. All live pigs and animal products were prohibited to enter and exit the area.
China (People's Rep. of) has submitted the following immediate notification and follow-up report (s) to OIE.

View Report Date Date submitted to OIE Report Type
Full report 31/08/2018 31/08/2018 Immediate notification
Full report 03/09/2018 03/09/2018 Follow-up Report 1
Full report 06/09/2018 06/09/2018 Follow-up Report 2
Full report 06/09/2018 06/09/2018 Follow-up Report 3
Full report 07/09/2018 10/09/2018 Follow-up Report 4
Full report 10/09/2018 10/09/2018 Follow-up Report 5
Full report 14/09/2018 14/09/2018 Follow-up Report 6
Full report 10/11/2018 12/11/2018 Follow-up Report 7
Full report 08/01/2019 08/01/2019 Follow-up Report 8 (Resolved : 23/12/2018 Final report )